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A blabbering of a douchebag

Summer Is Coming...

“Oh, when I look back now

That summer seemed to last forever

And if I had the choice

Yeah, I’d always wanna be there

Those were the best of my life”

I would have agreed with Bryan Adams in my freshman and sophomore years , may be even during my last semester, but not anymore definitely not this summer.

After all that happened between me and Sushma Reena Alexandar ( yeah, that’s a pretty long name , in short let’s call her just Reena) , how I met her in Kerala last summer, the whatsapp chats,

small meet ups…..wait I’m in the process of erasing that chapter off my life. So let’s stop and come back to this summer.

So my point here is, Bryan Adams your words are just random shit that fits the tune but were once dime to me.

By this time you must be wondering, who is this douchebag abhors Bryan Adam’s “summer of ’69”.

Let me introduce myself, I will be your narrator for this yet to unfold story, 6 foot tall , fair & handsome, steadfast , active and rational thinker.

I hope everyone here knew what sarcasm is if not cheers to you folks. God was mean to me thus born out on this world with few manufacturing defects.

I have a weird habit of talking to myself and my mood swings are unparalleled, you may get a taste of it in my narration too (can’t resist).

So some part of me is ready to accept, the douchebag tag, which you thought I am in the beginning. BTW that would be your disclaimer for what to follow and it ends here.

Summer is that time of the year you look forward in your childhood. I’m no exception. Vacations were fun, schools were boring.

Fast forward to now, life took a U-turn, vacations are boring and college seems fun.

There are many reasons for this paradigm shift but the one which holds a major spot in the list is the Internship- most of you might be familiar with this term for the rest,

it is that crap which you do or engage yourself in for 2months sacrificing your holidays to have an additional line on your resume .In short it is another byproduct of peer pressure.

The thought of where you’re gonna land as an intern the coming summer sends chills down your spine. Our brains generate much more heat than the scorching sun.

Even I was in the exact same scenario a month ago but things were not the same last summer,

it was hassle free and I was comfortable enough to get a research internship offer from a University in Kerala, which carries a huge standard. I happily packed my bags and headed Kerala.

The place was serene, situated on top of a hill surrounded by forest from all directions; the project was interesting to work on.

I could smell the freedom and independence in my hand but it all slowly started to fade away, I became home sick.

This is when I met Reena , the girl with the long name, she was like a drizzle on the mountain, rejuvenated me top to bottom, was struggling to take my eyes off her , alluringly beautiful.

Oops!! I did it again; I should keep reminding myself that I’m trying to wash her out of my memory.

‘Why in the world did I go to Kerala? Even if you did, you shouldn’t have laid your eyes on her. You should have stopped there but you didn’t.

From where did you get the courage to go and start a conversation with a complete strange girl?

You were supposed to shoo away from her as you were doing with the other girls from the past’- This is what I warned you about me talking to myself. Sorry folks for derailing from the main story.

All my blabbering boils down to the fact that I was struggling to get an internship this summer.

I was left with no option, but to ask my father to arrange one. Why am I even mentioning this? Coz I’m often or always hesitant to ask my parents any favors.

Fun fact is, I was even refusing to board planes as I wanted my first flight to be from my own money not of my parents, unfortunately I was made to break my morality last month,

where I was sentimentally manipulated. You emotional moron (self-talk stuff).

Some people consider this nature of me as egoistic but I call it self-sustainability (people who are confused with the words don’t hesitate to refer dictionary to know the difference).

So asking my father was a bit uneasy for me but eventually he was able to get me an internship in a conglomerate company, in my city itself (this time no trips)

I was hyped by this offer and pumped up myself for the 1st day of my intern.

If you thought “the expectations vs reality” scene from ‘500 days of summer’ (un intentional coincidence with the name) was heavy on your heart, hold my beer pal.

My expectations vs reality of doing an intern in a corporate company was nothing less than having a Thor’s hammer (what’s it called? Mjolnir- how do you pronounce muh-jo-nir or muh-ho-nir?

Chuck it) over my heart.

It was a huge cultural shock for me, right from the dress code, sitting amidst corporate employees watching them burn their asses to get some recognition from their higher officials,

biggest of all is the mundane job that they do , day after day after day after…. , from 9-6.

At least they get to work on what they studied back in college rather than some IT jobs is the only take away apart from salary.

I ran to the nearby restroom which was empty, splashed some water on my face to wake myself up from this reality.

Looked up onto the mirror to find myself in the office attire, for a split second imagined me working in a similar company for a monthly wage, in the future, ripped my soul apart.

The only person next to my mom, who knows how to treat me, is the almighty. He knows exactly that when people advise me, the words, instead of adhering to my brain, escapes through my ears.

So whenever I’m flying high or in my dreams, he slaps me tight enough and put me through situations to bring me back to earth, to the reality. It’s true that actions do speak louder than words.

When I was misconceiving the idea of love, he brought in Reena in my life and when I was in my own world building a career over there with all false assumptions,

he held my hands saying “ no darling, come here,

look for yourself what’s reality” it is something similar when Odin ( then king of Asgard) exiled Thor to earth and enervated his powers to teach him what make a king a king.

But god , next time, please let the lessons be not this harsh, time to tone down.

Adding on to all those stuff about me, I talk philosophy, you must have known by now.

I used to press my dress neatly, wear them, ride my scooty to the office , sign in @ 9.

00am , sit back on my chair watch people work (sometimes talk) , go for lunch , comeback , again watch people work with half closed eyes, starring at the clocks as the digits morph.

When struck 6.00pm, grab my bag to get the hell out of there asap, eat, sleep, repeat. This is been my routine for the past few days.

“Time is a valuable thing

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

Watch it count down to the end of the day

The clock ticks life away”

This piece from “In the end” perfectly explains my feelings. Miss you Chester Bennington <3.

Not all the days were gloomy, as the saying goes “Even a broken clock, shows right time twice a day”. There came a right time even for this broken clock.

The clock which was hung right in front of me was doing its mundane job as the people in the office, my eyes were strictly focused on it,

a bubble pop up swept my attention off the clock on to my laptop. There came this message saying:

“Thank you (

Hope you are doing great”

I looked up for the sender; the name read “Diya Samuel”. You might be wondering why the message starts with a Thank you. And who the hell is this Diya Samuel?

Answer that one by one, I wished her that morning for her birthday, yeah it was her birthday.

Coming to the next question, This Diya Samuel is yet another Mallu Christian girl, who btw was younger than me unlike Reena, whom I met last summer.

Goddamit I’m seriously a bad narrator, should have mentioned the details chronologically.

And what is this thing with me & Mallu girls?

The cursor was blinking ….Waiting for my reply!!

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