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shalinfantastic Unapologetic Writing
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A real peak into the true depths of the human soul

Anime Eyes

At my lowest

In the aches of my heart

I am spared brief moments

Minor minutes where I'm able to feel

Moments where I forget the situation

The hell that I tread through

Moments where the thought of the blade fade

The water isnt running anymore

You save me when I'm at my worst

Better than any physical emotion

More enjoyable than the most selfish of times

I am spared... momentarily

Your bright eyes

Burning spirit

Your will to keep fighting

Anime eyes you bring tears to my face even now

Having everything stripped from you yet

You persevere

I'll never be able to feel

I grow numb even now

The blade and water call me louder each day

The branching paths of the blood through the water

They seem so inviting

Maybe I'll take that call one day

One day soon

The braching pattern that inevitably dissipate

Muding only to create a pool of crimson

But in those last moments may I dream

Of braches like cherry blossoms that I only dream of

Of the warm embrace of the water guiding me

Ever closer to my sweet demise

May it bring me happiness in the end

Those beautiful anime eyes

May I someday be able to have those same eyes

Eyes that dispell the evil gaze that permeates my soul

Acceptance and nurturing in the bosom of a new story

May my tears be those of happiness

And may my anime eyes bring that same joy to some

Those who wish to gaze upon the same anime eyes I do

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