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shalim I write what I feel
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if you have tons of worries and sadness, find a place where you will find calm and peace. as for me it is the sea, it takes away all my worries and it makes me forgot how messy the world I am living. You should find yours too, have a place where you can be free.

Be happy


time spent watching as the waves dances along with the rhythm of the sea breeze

as you look up you'll see the sun, it is so high yet its' rays touches your every inch and every line

listen as the sweet harmony of the wind caress your hair down to your skin

write your footprints on the shoreline and let the water washed it away together with the worries in your mind

when you no longer bear to stand lay down and let your body feel the heat of the sand

forget all the troubles of the world and give in to the calmness of the sea, let it hold your sadness and set you free.

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