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My friend asked me to write a poem and I came up with this idea

I have no problem with early pregnancy in fact I have friends who got pregnant at an early age.
Most of the youngster who got pregnant says that the very first thing that they ask after knowing that they got pregnant is "What will be to my future?"

I salute the women out there who choose to continue their life and never choose abortion as an escape or solution to the problem

I Remember

I remember We used to play from first blush till sun's out sweaty smell is not a bother, we enjoy the hour

I remember out in the field of green grasses we laugh and run, chasing the sun

I remember leaves dancing to the tune of the wind underneath the tree, young hearts become one

I remember days of innocence, we have fun not minding horizon, we sung

I remember touch of your young loving hand with the caress of your sweet breath, now gone

I remember the love that is too young shattered by childhood charms

I remember as an angel held in my arms your eyes speak fear, regrets in your tears broken for the future that once we did not care

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