From Goodness, Bitterness, to Foul By Shakkan
From Goodness, Bitterness, to Foul 

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shakkankan Shakkan Kan a poet from Cleveland, Ohio.
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Describing my toxic actions towards my ex in moods.

From Goodness, Bitterness, to Foul By Shakkan

From Goodness, Bitterness, to Foul.

Pacing, constantly pacing around this room back and forth and now in circles.

Though I have made so many mistakes, but have I really learned, or have I brushed it off as a another mistake to forget, but you see that was one of my biggest mistakes I made.

Push away the Goodness and believed Goodness will always be back for me. The sweet joy of seeing Goodness sticking around during the emotional abusive treatment.

Goodness seen the good in me so Goodness stayed and worked with me.

Goodness was waiting for the good man she wanted in me to shine.

Goodness was making a mistake and so was I.

Goodness knew she was getting hurt and had thoughts of this mistake she turned into a choice for her own.

I didn’t bothered to acknowledge my mistake because I blamed Goodness for every bad step I took, every bad word I spoke, every bad thought I had.

Goodness cried because Goodness felt she wasn’t good enough for me.

Goodness fell to her lower self and Goodness became Bitterness.

Bitterness was fed up and hurt and ready to snap back, Bitterness became so frustrated, that Bitterness became Foul.

Foul was at rock bottom and I enjoyed every bit of Foul, but Foul became less attractive, so I dumped Foul and left Foul feeling like trash.

Took foul a while to find Goodness again within.

Foul healed and became Greatness. I didn’t recognized Greatness at first, now I wanted Greatness. Greatness looked at me and left me where I was.

Greatness continue to elevate and I was left paying for my toxic choices I have done to Goodness, before she was Greatness.

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