Your Lies
Your Lies napowrimo stories

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Remember: trust people wisely

Your Lies


It's me. Remember?

All those time we spent together?

All those time you said you're here and I believed you?

All those time you texted me don't worry I'm not gone?

Now look at you

You seem happy with her

How'd you lie like that?

Didn't bother to tell me the truth?

I wish I could wear a mask like you did and make you feel better

So you could've lied a little longer

But I'm afraid I couldn't wear any makeup to hide my pains from you

You saw my skin, you saw me naked

You saw me, my soul, all alone

But Now I'm okay, I can also wear a mask

And lie to everyone, even me

I'm okay, to see you with her, holding hands

Where you used to hold mine

Now I think maybe you also said to her that you're here

And she believed all your lies.

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