Attached with a glance ||WooSan|| Love is truly real {3}
Attached with a glance

||WooSan|| Love is truly real {3} f. f. stories

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Wendy let’s San drive to school; The two sibling reunite from arguing

Attached with a glance ||WooSan|| Love is truly real {3}

{S:1 E:3}

Seungwan walked back downstairs, refreshed. She was all dressed in a black hoodie, gray sweats and white Uggs. Style was always important for school.

She walked to the kitchen and searched around for her brother who was nowhere in sight. She rolled her eyes and walked to the front door.

The keys were still hanging on the hook which was strange because San always snuck them when she wasn’t around.

Wendy P.O.V Maybe after running over our next-door neighbors cat scared him quite to death. Maybe he felt bad.

She shrugged and flipped her backpack on her shoulder grab the keys and lock the door.  San was already outside waiting by the car tossing his frisbee in the air.

Seungwan walks to the car and unlocks the door. San got inside and straps his seat belt. He wondered why the car wasn’t moving yet. Wendy wouldn’t get inside. San stared at his sister oddly and rolled his eyes with a turned up lip.

He reached his arm over to the door and raised down the window.

“What are you doing?” He griped.

Wendy said nothing with a blank expression. San sighed stepping out of the vehicle while staring at Wendy idiotically.

She looked at him, pausing a finger. She cheesed so hard, her eyes squinted and disappeared.

San glares at her with an eyebrow raised. “Your creeping me out.”

Seungwan giggles and walked over to San, shaking the keys in his grill with a gracious smile. “Here.” She said moving him out of the way to sit in the passenger seat.

SAN’s P.O.V She has to be kidding, this is too fucking good to be true.

“This has to be a joke dude. Wendy if your trolling right now.” He held the keys in his hand, shaking his head seriously.

Wendy giggled, shaking her head. “Nope.”’

San leered. He nearly passed out in front of the yard before they could make it to school. His heart fluttered with huge eyes.

“Choi San. We’re gonna miss the bell and if the principal calls mom, were both fucked.” She whines poking her head out the window.

San dropped to his knees, squeezing the car keys in his hand. He looked up at the sky with a small tear rolling down his face.

“YES! Thank you God.”

He happily planted a seat behind the wheel before he could even get his head in. He started the car, put it in drive and without any warning, he jerked it backwards into the street.

Wendy’s head nearly hit the windshield but luckily, San saved her by slamming her back in the seat with his big palm.

“Ahhack! San you asshole, if you ruin my brand new car,mom will kill you!” She screamed smacking him in the back of the neck.

“It’s not my fault you gave me the keys to drive! This car is really fast and has like 600 miles!” He said, pointing at the speedometer.

“Then take it slow San, jeez.” Seungwan sighs heavily, relieved that they were still alive.

San felt bad for scaring Wendy. This was gonna be tough. He sighed, putting his feet on the gas petal. 

San: “Alright so Im gonna put it in drive and s-“

San: “Alright so Im gonna put it in drive and s-“ “NO!” Wendy interrupts.

“Don’t do that. That’s how you kill us and the other people around you. Slowly press the gas and just drive like you have nothing to worry about. Don’t panic so much tho.”

Wendy groaned like she was in laybor. San leaked sweat and nodded. He didn’t see how Wendy was so calm, this was terrifying.

Whatever Wendy said, San just nodded, pretending to understand when he really just wanted to swerve the entire car to school without instructions.

He calmly placed his foot on the accelerator, slowly moving the car, more and more and more.

Soon they were out of the neighborhood and on the road.

“See, was that hard?” She teased rolling her eyes sarcastically.

San arched his head with a shrug. “Whatever.” He sighed. “But this is actually way harder than cooking.”

Wendy laughed, twirling her pinky finger inside her small hoop earring. “Why are you so cute when you don’t even try to be, can’t you just be like that all the time?”

San shrugged. “Is that a compliment or you just wanna talk shit?”

Wendy pokes a lip out and shook her head. “Nope. It’s a compliment. What, are you surprised?”

“Why would I? I get them all the time from your cheesy ass friends.” He smirks. Wendy shakes her head.

“Barely.” She mumbled. San reaches over and flicked her cheek. “Oww! Stob it San your gonna give me a pimple and there hard to pop!”

He laughs, turning a corner. Wendy chuckles staring out the window. It grew silent as the siblings sat quietly like strangers.

San smiled tightly. “Wendy.” He said glancing at her but keeping his eyes on traffic. She looked over concerned.

“What’s up?”

A silence fell again. San sighed and just spat it out. “You know how I always tease you for being short?”

Seungwan’s face was blank. She nodded and looked out the window, pulling a pice of hair behind her ear.

San furrows at the road. “I just want to say that I am a coward for saying it and I’m sorry about that.”

“I know it’s not your fault because dad was really short too. But he still kicked my ass every day.”

Seungwan laughs. “Oh yeah.” She agreed, straining her hair back.

“As your brother, I make fun of you, not because I just do it for the enjoyment it’s because I love you.“

Wendy blushes.

“That may sound cheesy because I don’t say it often but it’s true and I hope you know that.” He says with oassiont as he casually keeps his eyes on the road.

“Well, I do believe you...and I love you to bully.” She smirks, sassily folds her arms.

“Really, you’re gonna call me a bully when I poured my sensitive heart out to you? That’s being a bully right there.” He whimpers.

“I’m kidding San. Thank you for apologizing....but I never do that for you though.” She says silently.

“That’s because you never say anything good enough to hurt me.” San casually sweeps his fingers through his thick bouncy hair

Wendy frowns and huffs deeply. “You’re so Evil.”

“Someone so evil who cares about his older sister too much.” San smiles hard as deep dimples form his cheeks.

Seungwan blushes once more, playing with her earring. San chuckles and sighed heavily.

The whole drive to school was peaceful and non-car chaotic.

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