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shahidshah 17, been wanting to do things like this
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A modern struggle


Ring a ding. This pocket size gadget speak. Giving sign of connection. From another sapien.

One's lock is undone. Revealing its content. Of harmonic electrons. Racing through conductors. Giving vision of a world. One can only barely imagine.

A simple text. Just a greeting. Something minuscule. But also so enthralling.

One words, made me light. As butterflies filled my inside. Vision became invigorating. For you have clouded my sea of thought.

Tap the surface. Of the photon emiting glass. To reveal one's true emotion. Came up with a pharagraph. Only to spent a second. To put out the flames.

Emotion is freezed. To reveal our cool side. For assiduous is desperation. And courtesy is just obnoxious.

How I wish. To spill my heart. Onto this piece of writing. To show you how longing. Have I been. For this notification.

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