Atem x Reader: A Protective Love in His Heart
Atem x Reader: A Protective Love in His Heart puppyshippinig stories

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Atem is your boyfriend and is very protective of you. He protects you from bullies, and always walks you home. But when a new man comes in the school and flirts with you, his love and protection increases by ten fold. Will you be able to stop Atem before he murders the new kid?

Atem x Reader: A Protective Love in His Heart

You smiled to yourself as you pulled your pink jacket on over your white shirt. Today was Friday, the last day of the week before the weekend! Your boyfriend, Atem Sennen, was taking you out to dinner tonight. Atem was the brother of Yami Sennen. Atem was always a gentleman to you: holding the door open for you, and helping you do your homework when you needed it. One time you had brought him over to your house for your parents to accept him, and Atem was a perfect angel! You were snapped out of your thoughts when there was a knock at the door. Your mother peeked her head through. "Hey (Y/N), Atem's here to take you to school," she said. "Thanks, mom. Tell him to come in," you said, fixing your hair in the mirror. Your mom closed the door and heard voices downstairs, one deep and sultry, while the other was light and sweet. The door opened a few moments later, and arms wrapped around your waist. "Hello, kitten," Atem's voice murmured in your ear. You giggled and turned in his arms to face him. "Hello yourself, handsome," you said, looking into crimson orbs. Atem smiled and placed a gentle kiss to your lips. You moaned and pushed back, enjoying the moment. You separated, panting heavily and Atem caressed your cheek. "I love you," he murmured. "I love you too," you whispered back, smiling slightly. He grasped your hand as you got your bag and your phone and went downstairs to go to school. "Bye kids, have fun!" your mom called as Atem held the door open for you. You smiled and pecked his cheek and went outside into the bitter cold of fall. Atem intertwined your fingers with his and walked to school, feeling content. You saw your friends at the entrance to the school and walked over to them. "Hi guys!" You greeted, hugging Yugi as he ran up to you. "Hi, (Y/N)! Pretty chilly day, isn't it?" Yami asked as he walked up to his small boyfriend. You nodded and looked at the time. "Shit! We have like 5 minutes to get to class!" you screamed and rushed into the school. You ran to your locker and quickly switched your books. You rushed to your first period class and got in just as the bell rang. You quickly sat down in your seat and got out your textbook as the teacher walked in. "Class, I'd like to introduce to you a new student. He just transferred here from a school in Tokyo and we need to welcome him to Domino High School." The door opened and a boy with jade green eyes and black hair entered. "Everyone, please welcome Duke Devlin!" The back door opened and Atem rushed to take his seat. The teacher looked up and gave Atem a glare. "You're late, Mr, Sennen." You turned around to see Atem, looking at the new student in the front of the classroom. "Who's he?" Atem whispered. "He's a new student. Duke Devlin is his name," you explained and squeezed his hand before turning back around to focus on the teacher. "Okay, why don't you take a seat beside Mrs. (L/N)," the teacher said, pointing to an empty desk next to you. He walked down the isle, the girls squealing at Duke as he passed them. He sat down beside you and smiled at you. "Hi! May I just say that you're very beautiful," Duke complimented. You felt your cheeks heating up, and you smiled gently. "Thank you, Duke. I'm (Y/N), and this is my boyfriend Atem," you introduced. Atem gave a stiff nod and held your hand. "Nice to meet you, Atem. I've heard a lot about you," he said, leaning forward. You opened your mouth to say something, but the teacher snapped at you to be quiet. ~~ [Time Skip] ~~ "Well that was a boring class," Atem growled as you walked to lunch together. "Yeah, but we have to pay attention, or else we won't pass," I chided, swinging our hands back and forth. Atem grunted in agreement, and I laughed. We entered the lunchroom and sat down where our friends were waving us down. "So, how was science?" Yami snickered as we sat down. Atem rolled his eyes and got out an Italian sub. I got out a (insert favorite food here). "That looks good, (Y/N)," Yugi said. "Mind if I join you?" a voice said behind you, and Atem let out a low snarl of annoyance. Duke Devlin stood right behind you, a smile on his features. Yugi's face lit up and he motioned to a chair beside Atem. You winced and placed a reassuring hand on Atem's hand, silently telling him that it would be alright. He flashed a brief smile at you before Duke spoke to you. "So, (Y/N), you like sports?" he asked. "Yeah. I sprint for the track team in spring," you said. Duke smiled ,"Well. I'll have to watch you run sometime. You must be amazing at running," he complimented. You blushed and turned away. "Thanks, Duke. So," I said, speaking to my friends, "any plans over the weekend?" Yugi spoke up. "I'm going to see a movie with Yami. Then were going to go to a restaurant," Yugi said. You nodded and all shared what you were going to of over the weekend. Soon enough, it was time to go to class, and you had to part ways.

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