Heartbreak in Ink
Heartbreak in Ink pain stories

shadowspark96 Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   7 months ago
This gives you in a glimpse of my thoughts after my biological father stopped sending letters

Heartbreak in Ink

I Feel the words flowing, along with the pain I thought that they would all be gone when i wrote your name. when I said that I loved you and that I forgave you but really my spirit is still a slave to YOU because when I opened the envelope I got more than just a letter, I got 1000 questions with no answers these questions hurt my heart, these questions hurt my mind. You thought you'd just have a little fun when the mother's innocence was taken and then you could leave without leaving scars you were very mistaken But your absences has taught me more than your presence ever could. I learned what not to be, I learned that lesson good

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