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shadow_ph0enix The creator of Darkling Origins Saga
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An ancient evil has returned to the mortal realm. Will he be able to defy the odds, or will it spell the end of everything?


Blurb Only

Step into the chaotic,

and mysterious world where all myths and legends become intertwined within our own reality as a mysterious young man bearing mysterious markings and an ancient silver dragon medallion begins

to relive a nightmare that he could never escape.

Only this time, at the turn of his own age, becomes way too real under the light of the crimson blood moon.

His own life is about to change as his very past, his ancient past that he never knew begins to surface reliving each triumph and tragedy.

As an ancient secret and mystery begins to unfold so does an ancient evil as it returns within the shadows of mankind after they awaken from their eternal slumber.

They begin to lie in wait for their long awaited vengeance and the horrors they plan to unleash.

The winds of destiny begin to rapidly change as a demonic oracle reveals a horrific telling of humanity's fate from within the shadows which turns into a race against time.

What horrors will he face while him and the people around him uncover the truth?

The very fate of many could be changed by bending the course of reality as we know it! Hold on tight for a wild ride because THE AWAKENING HAS BEGUN!

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