I'll light up...
I'll light up... short poems stories

seventeenly Trying to find myself back.
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A candle that was left burning...

I'll light up...

I'll light up a candle everyday, not to fight with the darkness, around me but, with the one inside of me.

I'll light it up to illuminate the loneliness inside of me, To fill in the abyss, Which was created the day you told me That you'll be gone by next year.

If it flickers , I'll save it, by bounding the flame with my palms, the same way you wrapped me in your arms, when I was scared.

The candle will be a symbol of my promise to you, that I won't be selfish enough to have you only to me, I'll let you grow, and flourish and reach beyond your own expectations.

And, I'll leave it burning...

Wishing , you'll find your way back to me, but I'll also pray for you to find your way in the world and make it through all the obstacles.

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