Part Two
Part Two fear stories

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“Stop coming back.”

Short Part 2 of, "I is as I am and I am as I am not."

Part Two


“Stop coming back.”

The bystander paused in front of the door.

The width of it spanning half the room in size and standing as tall as the ceiling.

She didn’t look behind her to know the man who spoke was sporting a frown.

She gave a tiny nod and stood still until he ultimately walked away.

She traced the chains that interlocked and took in the complicated bolts and latches that decorated the door.

She tilted her head and marked her board, freezing when a gust of air blew between the cracks of the door and fluttered her papers.

A shadow grew on the door and engulfed her frame from behind.

She turned quickly, only to find nothing. The door behind her shook and a low huff echoed through her ear.

She erased the mark on her board and walked away.

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