My Blue Jeans at Work
My Blue Jeans at Work jeans stories

serenitywing I am a hobbyist flash fiction writer.
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A tribute to blue jeans in working life written like a diary entry.

My Blue Jeans at Work

Friday, May 10, 2019

I love to wear jeans when I am on the go. This kind of pants is comfortable and suits well for working life. My workplace is all about small parts in the automotive industry.

So, I have to wear secure and plain clothing. Because of this, jeans offer a wonderful choice for my fashion sense at work.

But jeans bring also versatility with other pieces of clothing. I am a huge buff of mute and pastel colors in fashion, too.

As I wear plain clothes at work, pastel and mute colors match well to my blue jeans. I admit it: The more subtle your fashion sense at work, more happiness will come in your working room.

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