Between Sadness, Death, and Paradise
Between Sadness, Death, and Paradise death stories

serenitywing I am a hobbyist flash fiction writer.
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A letter was written about lament and the struggles with insanity to the brain.

Between Sadness, Death, and Paradise

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

My dear brain,

Insanity is approaching to spread the sadness inside me. But I want to feel serenity. I lament the fact death exists. But death belongs to life. That is the truth.

I must learn to deal with the loss of certain people. There is no shortcut to achieving this. I think that half-human, half-snake beings are an allegory for gatekeepers of heaven.

That sounds crazy but this thought comforts me very much. Please do not laugh at me as I think that Mozart's music is played in heaven.

My father's cousin said that Mozart was one of the greatest geniuses who contributed great things to mankind. So, Mozart is, in my opinion, the chief conductor of heaven. Deal with it!


Your owner

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