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Staying positive is a struggle. In an ideal world, we wouldn't be firefighting. This is what I'd want.

I Want

I'm tired of finding myself behind brick walls,

When I tap through they only fall back on me.

I want to hear words of guidance from a voice other than my own,

Or just allow myself to hear them.

I know they're there but I'm no digger.

Unless it's digging myself into holes which

I can do between breaths.

I want to get my weight off the walls,

My back is starting to ache,

And move into the centre of the room.

Usually when I try, lightening bolts through me

Before the wind can pull my tears out quicker than a comforting hug.

I've experimented with lightening,

But its fire doesn't just burn me.

And I don't want to hide behind yellow danger tape.

I want a smile to last a whole day

Even if I have to pay for it.

I see others with them and

That's a trend I don't mind following.

Because I'm tired of this.

I want to look at the ocean and see the floor.

I want to follow directions and

End up where I intended.

Mostly, I want all of this

Not to be too much to ask for.

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