W̖̬̼̞͙̙͓͔̽́̔́h͎̹̯̬̹̑̇a̩̪̣̜ͨ̃̋͒̄t̼̹̳̲̑ͯ̎̔̃ͧ͌ͮ ̘̟͎̺̺̮̟̒̉͊̓̚Y͎͓̱̞͎̥ͪö͓͈͍͉̙̥̯́ṵ͎̘̠̘͈̹͑̾̌̋̏ͣͣͅ ̱̳̫͙͓͗M͙̰͓̉a̱͑̊̎ͬ̒ͩ͐͆ḓ͙͇͎͍͇̞̿̓̉ͥ̾̅͆e͚͉͒ͮ̐̀ ̖̈́ͪ̂͛ͭͣ̅̔ͧM͙̳͇̟̪̗̦̌͗̅̈̃e͉͖̲͓̯̝ͯͭͬ̅͛ͬ͌̍ͅ

W̖̬̼̞͙̙͓͔̽́̔́h͎̹̯̬̹̑̇a̩̪̣̜ͨ̃̋͒̄t̼̹̳̲̑ͯ̎̔̃ͧ͌ͮ ̘̟͎̺̺̮̟̒̉͊̓̚Y͎͓̱̞͎̥ͪö͓͈͍͉̙̥̯́ṵ͎̘̠̘͈̹͑̾̌̋̏ͣͣͅ ̱̳̫͙͓͗M͙̰͓̉a̱͑̊̎ͬ̒ͩ͐͆ḓ͙͇͎͍͇̞̿̓̉ͥ̾̅͆e͚͉͒ͮ̐̀ ̖̈́ͪ̂͛ͭͣ̅̔ͧM͙̳͇̟̪̗̦̌͗̅̈̃e͉͖̲͓̯̝ͯͭͬ̅͛ͬ͌̍ͅ villainau stories

septiccat I must sacrifice myself to Satan now....
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Villain AU Deku!!! Thank you to @rainbowslushie for helping me with this!

W̖̬̼̞͙̙͓͔̽́̔́h͎̹̯̬̹̑̇a̩̪̣̜ͨ̃̋͒̄t̼̹̳̲̑ͯ̎̔̃ͧ͌ͮ ̘̟͎̺̺̮̟̒̉͊̓̚Y͎͓̱̞͎̥ͪö͓͈͍͉̙̥̯́ṵ͎̘̠̘͈̹͑̾̌̋̏ͣͣͅ ̱̳̫͙͓͗M͙̰͓̉a̱͑̊̎ͬ̒ͩ͐͆ḓ͙͇͎͍͇̞̿̓̉ͥ̾̅͆e͚͉͒ͮ̐̀ ̖̈́ͪ̂͛ͭͣ̅̔ͧM͙̳͇̟̪̗̦̌͗̅̈̃e͉͖̲͓̯̝ͯͭͬ̅͛ͬ͌̍ͅ

before I get into this fic I'd like to give credit to @rainbowslushie for helping me write this fic and I hope you all enjoy it!

*Deku's POV*

"Worthless Deku! You'll never amount to anything!" Kacchan yelled as he continued to punch my stomach over and over again, finally satisfied when I started coughing up blood.

That was 3 years ago, Kacchan got accepted into U.A. High and I was left with all of our classmates in a normal High school.

After a couple of weeks a new person showed up at school, his name was Tomura Shigaraki. Everyone avoided him because of his quirk, they called him a villain and bullied him.

One day I saw them beating him up and I got angry "Hey leave him alone!" I ran towards them ready to start punching when one of them activated their quirk and beat the shit out of me.

Laughing they both left us on the ground, I was the first to get up.

"Need some help?" I asked and reached out a hand "y-you're not scared I might disintegrate you?" he looked shocked as he carefully accepted my aid, keeping one finger out.

I shrugged "I'm not worth worrying about, I've been told my entire life that I'm a useless, quirkless Deku who should give up on my dreams,it was a year ago when I finally listened to them and gave up"

Over the course of the semester Tomura-kun and I became close friends and when winter break came around he invited me to stay over at his house. After asking Mom and packing a bag I followed Tomura-kun to his house.

House was not the correct word for what laid in front of Deku, it was huge! Even the doorway was large and grand. “You coming Izu-kun?” Tomura-kun called “u-uh yeah! I’m coming!” I answer and race to where Tomura-kun is waiting.

“Your house is huge!” I exclaimed “yeah, my dad makes a lot of money from his job so we can afford a lot of cool stuff”

-Time Skip (about two weeks)-

I was walking home from school when I heard a familiar voice “yeah yeah I get it, don’t be so mean just because my quirk is better than someone else's, stop berating me shitty hair!” could it be?

I rounded the corner and saw my childhood friend turned bully, Kacchan, and he was surrounded by a new group of friends, a red, spiky-haired boy looking semi-distressed, a yellow and black haired boy was shaking his head and a black haired boy was rolling his eyes

“seriously Bakubro, you gotta treat people with respect, you never know when you’re gonna need their help!” the red haired boy wasn’t at all like the friends Kacchan had before going to U.A.

he seemed nicer and stood up for the people Kacchan bullies. I shook my head and continued on my way, childhood memories resurfacing from the recesses of my mind...

A/N: Sorry that this wasn't really Villain Deku, I really wanted to give backstory into how Deku became a villain I hope you all enjoyed this and I am already working on the second part!

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