W̗͇͍̰͆ͫͅh̠̩̗̹̺̬̼̭͋͗a͚̮̺̼̓̓ͩt͓ͩ̄͒̌̅ ̯͚ͨͬ̊͛͗̇ͫ̈́ͮY̖ͬ̉͂͑ȏ̺̬̯̹ͬ͋̊̊̃u̺̺̜̼͇̺̗̺̇ͣͬ̏ ̲̏ͧ̑̂̋̑̉ͤͧM̭͓̦̻̬̜͉̻̰ͩ͛͗̍̋̏̃ͣȃ̫̟͓̠̥̫̀d̜͙̖̰̦̣̭̑ͮͯ͋ͦ̅̄̅ͅe̟̜̾ͮͬͭ͐̄ͥͥ ̻̳͎̭͔̜̲̃ͬM͉͓̆̃e͈̻̠̘̞̠̔͒̿ ̻̮͍ͪ̉̽ͤ͌ͧͮ̚ṗ̤̝̲̲͓͗t̳̗͈̳͎̫̜̞͋ͪͦ̈́̈̔.̲̬̬̺͇̖̤͔̎ͥͬͅ2͉̣͓̫̱ͫͪ̃̆̃ͅͅ

W̗͇͍̰͆ͫͅh̠̩̗̹̺̬̼̭͋͗a͚̮̺̼̓̓ͩt͓ͩ̄͒̌̅ ̯͚ͨͬ̊͛͗̇ͫ̈́ͮY̖ͬ̉͂͑ȏ̺̬̯̹ͬ͋̊̊̃u̺̺̜̼͇̺̗̺̇ͣͬ̏ ̲̏ͧ̑̂̋̑̉ͤͧM̭͓̦̻̬̜͉̻̰ͩ͛͗̍̋̏̃ͣȃ̫̟͓̠̥̫̀d̜͙̖̰̦̣̭̑ͮͯ͋ͦ̅̄̅ͅe̟̜̾ͮͬͭ͐̄ͥͥ ̻̳͎̭͔̜̲̃ͬM͉͓̆̃e͈̻̠̘̞̠̔͒̿ ̻̮͍ͪ̉̽ͤ͌ͧͮ̚ṗ̤̝̲̲͓͗t̳̗͈̳͎̫̜̞͋ͪͦ̈́̈̔.̲̬̬̺͇̖̤͔̎ͥͬͅ2͉̣͓̫̱ͫͪ̃̆̃ͅͅ izuku stories

septiccat I must sacrifice myself to Satan now....
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Childhood bully returnss!

W̗͇͍̰͆ͫͅh̠̩̗̹̺̬̼̭͋͗a͚̮̺̼̓̓ͩt͓ͩ̄͒̌̅ ̯͚ͨͬ̊͛͗̇ͫ̈́ͮY̖ͬ̉͂͑ȏ̺̬̯̹ͬ͋̊̊̃u̺̺̜̼͇̺̗̺̇ͣͬ̏ ̲̏ͧ̑̂̋̑̉ͤͧM̭͓̦̻̬̜͉̻̰ͩ͛͗̍̋̏̃ͣȃ̫̟͓̠̥̫̀d̜͙̖̰̦̣̭̑ͮͯ͋ͦ̅̄̅ͅe̟̜̾ͮͬͭ͐̄ͥͥ ̻̳͎̭͔̜̲̃ͬM͉͓̆̃e͈̻̠̘̞̠̔͒̿ ̻̮͍ͪ̉̽ͤ͌ͧͮ̚ṗ̤̝̲̲͓͗t̳̗͈̳͎̫̜̞͋ͪͦ̈́̈̔.̲̬̬̺͇̖̤͔̎ͥͬͅ2͉̣͓̫̱ͫͪ̃̆̃ͅͅ

'Stupid Deku! You'll never be a hero!' 'Worthless nerd!' 'Deku, you worthless piece of shit!'

I walked faster as the memories swirled in my head, not paying attention to my surroundings, I was knocked off my feet when I accidentally ran into someone "s-sorry" I apologized immediately,

looking up to see the red haired boy from earlier "nah, it's my bad man,

here let me help you with that" he knelt down to help me pick up the fallen groceries "th-thanks" I say as we both stood up and I took the groceries out of his hands "OI shitty hair!

What's taking you so lon- eh? Deku?" "h-hey Kacchan...."

I hunched my shoulders and looked down "wait, deku? Doesn't that mean something bad?" the red haired boy was confused "y-yeah, it means useless person..."

I muttered "Bakubro, why are you calling this guy useless? I thought we talked about this sort of thing!" the red haired boy frowned "what's your actual name?

I'm Kirishima Eijiro, and I guess you know Bakugo" he grinned, showing off his sharp teeth "I-I'm Midoriya Izuku,

Kacchan-er- Bakugo and I were childhood friends" I rubbed the back of my neck "it's nice to meet you Midoriya-kun,

sorry for bumping into ya like that" "it's great to meet you as well Kirishima-kun, a-and don't worry about it, I'm used to being pushed around" I muttered the last part "I-I should get going,

I've gotta get these groceries home, it was nice running into you Kacchan, Kirishima-kun" I bowed my head and hurried off

-Time Skip (about 3 days)-

"Hey Izuku-kun!" Tomura-kun greeted me as I arrived at school "hey Tomura-kun! How was your weekend?"

I smiled "oh nothing special really, just stayed inside and played video games like I always do" he huffed out a laugh "how was your weekend Izuku-kun?"

"eh, I ran into Kacchan near the store, nothing else really happened" I shrugged and frowned a bit "eh forget about him! You got me now right?"

Tomura-kun put a gloved hand on my shoulder, I was surprised "you're wearing the artist gloves I got you!"

he nodded "I got tired of being careful of how I held something,

also you were the one who suggested these" he held up his hands and showed off the retro-themed gloves I had gotten him last week.

We continued to talk as we walked down the halls of our school until Tomura-kun turned to me with a saddened look on his face "hey Izuku-kun?" I turned around "yes Tomura-kun?"

"do you regret being born quirkless?

" I had to think a moment "sometimes yes, but if I was born with a quirk then I wouldn't have met you Tomura-kun" I smiled at him "i-if there was a way to give you a quirk,

what would your thoughts be on it?"

he looked nervous "it depends on the situation and the means, I wouldn't want to hurt others just to get my own quirk" he nodded his head and we continued to class for the day.

-Time skip (2 days)-

I was walking home from school when I was tackled to the ground by...

"Kacchan?" "be quiet damn Deku, stay still" he growled as he looked behind us "wh-what's going on?" I whispered "damn villain followed me and I almost led him into U.A."

I noticed that he had his uniform on but it was torn and burnt in places, I craned my neck to look over Kacchan's mass of hair and I saw him,

a man who looked to be in his early 20's with burn scars covering his arms, neck, and jaw with only small silver hooks keeping him together "come out small fry,

I just wanna talk" the man called out, his voice echoing in the street.

I somehow got out of Kacchan's grip and casually walked by the villain "hey have you seen a blonde kid, looks about your age around here?" he asked "h-huh?

No sir I'm afraid I haven't seen anyone like that for about three years, sorry I couldn't help" I lied, walking away from him.

I pulled out my phone and called the police "110 what's your emergency?" "hello, my name is Izuku Midoriya and I'd like to report a villain going after someone" "what's your location?

We'll send a pro hero in about 3 minutes" "I'm at ----- St.

"can you describe the villain?"

"hes got burn scars on his arms, neck and jaw, pitch black hair and blue eyes, he looks to be in his early 20's, wearing a white t-shirt, black jacket, black pants and combat boots" "alright,

the pro hero should be there right about now" after the dispatcher said that I saw my idol All Might.....

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