Tea Time #5
Tea Time #5 ask me stories

septiccat Mending hearts since 2004♥
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random thoughts coming out of my mind, some may be useful and others may be crap

Tea Time #5

Hiya! welcome back to Tea Time with your host, me! today I'm just gonna spill whats on my mind so be prepared for a lot of sidetracks and tangents 😂😂 Hope you enjoy!

hmm first thing would be that Im now back in school with my 40 ton backpack

speaking of that I don't get why we have to carry so much around we have chrome-books so that way our backpacks won't injure our backs but then the teachers require you to carry so much paper items that the chrome-book is almost literally a paperweight my school is messed up

another thing I applied for an art class near the end of last year, but instead of art class my councilor decides to put me in an extra science class that I don't really need at all sure it counts for credits but I don't see the need for it right now, honestly I'd rather have art class

aaaaaaaanyways I am not just gonna rant and everything i actually want to come up with some sort of helpful advice to give to you but there's a slight problem I don't know what to give advice on that I would know about in my measly 15 years of existence

I want to try though so if you have anything that you think I might be able to help you solve then leave a comment asking me about it don be shy to ask but if you don't want your tidbit to be for anyone to see just DM me about it and Ill know not to tell others about it

your secrets are safe with me I promise love all of you ~SepticCat a.ka Brenna♥

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