Perfect Life
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septiccat Mending hearts since 2004♥
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why arent we all the same why are we so different? i wonder why we worry about our looks so much when we are all made of the same components

Perfect Life

"we are all made of the same materials, skin, muscle,organs, hair, blood, so why don't we look the same?"

my science teacher asks the class, but I know that she's asking me and I respond "we don't look the same because our genes are all different structures.

" she smiles satisfied with my answer and opened her mouth to ask the next question or start a lecture when the bell rings to dismiss us from school for the last time.

we rush out of the classroom to find the list of jobs posted on the bulletin screen, the list of jobs is a list of our assignments in the world.

I scan the list for my name, Nellaf Ssenkard, I find it with the job I was hoping for, I am going to be a Diviner in the House Of The Dragon God.

my life is a set path for me as is everyone's because as the Dragon God said "if you are left to choices, you will become corrupt and warlike." and he was right.

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