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septiccat Mending hearts since 2004♥
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updating Perfect Life soon!...... i hope!

learning stuff...

hi guys! I know i havent posted in awhile but to be completely honest...

i cant think of ANYTHING to write AND on top of my writers block theres school which always loads me with homework so that way i never have any time to sit down and think about what

to write next! ive been too busy learning stuff that when i get home my head hurts and i feel zero inspiration to write anything!

ill start something and then it wont look any good so i trash it and try again because i WANT to write more for you and i WANT it to be a great story thats actually worthwhile!

thats why the updates are always says away from each other.

i really hope i can update Perfect Life soon because i like the way this story is heading

sorry for not posting anything in a while!!!!!!!! please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!

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