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In Response to @llamalady08's post stopthebullying stories

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my thoughts after reading Bullied Pt 1 by @llamalady08

In Response to @llamalady08's post

Bullying needs to stop... plain and simple, I used to be bullied but now that I have a certain knowledge I can go on with my days knowing that they cannot hurt me with their words. Let me share that knowledge with you. The reader.

First, If they call you ugly, know that you are beautiful in a unique way that they just dont see.

Second, If they call you fat, know that its not just your eating habits, its your mindset. If you change you minds way of thinking that what they say is true then you have truly won and the bullies will never have to know.

If your friends are toxic then leave them and find someone who cares about your emotions as well as your well-being. and keep this in your thoughts always. you are a brilliant person, you have the ability to do whatever you put your all into, you are a unique and special person.

NEVER let the bullies win even if what they say hurts deeply, what they say is their opinion and even then, you never asked for their opinion anyways so why should their opinion matter? I love you all and I hope that this has managed to bring some light to your life. Internet hug - Septiccat

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