A Life Update
A Life Update suicideawareness stories

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How is your school year so far, or if your not in school, how is your month?

A Life Update

hey everyone, I apologize for not posting something in a while but its been one hell of a school year so far

lemme give you a run-down of whats happened

two people killed themselves in the span of three weeks

on 9/11 my high school had only 40% of the students there because of a shooting threat that turned out to be a copycat from another school in my state.

oh and I forgot to tell you this, i knew one of the people who killed themselves, so yeah, im f***ing wonderful.

I hope none of you will even consider the option of killing yourselves because I've seen and felt the impact it leaves on the people around you, hell one of my friends hasn't shown up to school since tuesday and even then they didn't stay for first hour.

so please just find someone to talk to when you feel as though your life is not important enough to be lived to the fullest

I love you all so damn much ~SepticCat

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