ƛ ƬƠƊƠƊЄƘƲ ƑƛƝƑƖƇƬƖƠƝ 5 (Book 1 finale)
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ƛ ƬƠƊƠƊЄƘƲ ƑƛƝƑƖƇƬƖƠƝ 5 (Book 1 finale)

A few weeks later I'm living with Fuyumi and I get to see Natsuo more often now. My father lost the court case and now Fuyumi has legal custody over me.

Endeavor is allowed supervised visits every month.

Another piece of good news was that my mother, Rei Todoroki, has been released from the hospital and was able to divorce my father,

she got the house and a large sum of money while Endeavor was left with the rest of his holdings and wealth. Izuku passed his finals and applied with me to U.A. high.

I was sitting on my bed when Izuku texted me

'Hey Shoto! Wanna meet me at the park for some training?'

'Sure! The usual spot?'

'Yeah, see you in 30 minutes?'

'I'll be there'

'Ok, I can't wait!'

I smiled and shook my head, getting up to get ready to head over to the cherry blossom park

"Fuyumi, is it alright if I go meet Izuku at the cherry blossom park?"

I stood in the doorway to her massive kitchen, watching as she made herself a cup of tea "of course Sho! Just remember to be back before 12!"

--- Time Skip ---

As I walked to where Izuku was standing I noticed that he had a small bag in his hand.

"Hey Izuku! Why did you want to meet now? I thought we both agreed that you can train on your own, do you need help with anything?"

he startled and quickly turned to face me "h-hey Shoto! I-I kinda lied about wanting to t-train, I-I need to tell you something..." his face turned red and he hunched his shoulders a bit.

I put my hand on his chin, making him look up at me "well? What is it Izuku?"

I cocked my head to the side, waiting for his response "I-I like you,

m-more than a friend a-and I understand i-if you don't feel the same way a-and I hope w-we can s-still be friends i-if you want..."

his face was redder than before, I smiled "Izuku, you are the sun to my earth, the light to my darkness, I have loved you for a while now,

but I'd never even hoped you'd feel the same way" his face turned from one of embarassment to surprise "y-you mean it Shoto?" he still had a bit of doubt in his eyes.

I leaned close to his face gazing into his emerald eyes "does this prove it to you?" I pressed my lips against his, Izuku let out a surprised squeak and then I broke the kiss.

"Th-that was amazing" he breathed, lifting a hand to his lips, his face redder than a tomato, I smirked and wrapped my arms around him,

pulling him close to me and burying my head in his soft hair. We stood like that for a while, just holding each other and being happy.

That's the end of book one! I hope you all enjoyed and I hope be able to continue writing little fluffy things like this for you all!

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