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septiccat I must sacrifice myself to Satan now....
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A continuation of ƛ ƬƠƊƠƊЄƘƲ ƑƛƝƑƖƇƬƖƠƝ


As I arrived at the Todoroki estate I could hear my father and braced myself for the worst.

Opening the door I was greeted by my sister Fuyumi "don't go into the weight room, he's not happy" I nodded my head and proceeded to the kitchen, putting up the groceries.

Natsuo had come over for a rare visit but was already storming out the door, probably coming out of an argument with our father.

Endeavor finally made an appearance after dinner was cooked and served "ah Shoto, I didn't notice you had returned" I shrugged and started to eat my meal, no one bothered to make conversation,

this is how most of our nights went. "thanks Fuyumi, the meal was delicious" I said as I left the table. I quickly showered and went to bed preparing myself for tomorrow.

-The Next Day-

"SHOTO!!!! TIME TO GET UP! BE READY TO TRAIN IN 10 MINUTES" Endeavor called out, startling me from my sleep.

I quickly got ready and headed to the training room, not even bothering with breakfast

-Time Skip (cause this would just depress me)-

I was exhausted, Endeavor had finally said enough and released me for the day, it was now 6:30 in the morning and I decided to text Midoriya-kun

'hey Midoriya-kun, you up yet?'

'yeah, whats up Todoroki-kun?'

'I thought we could start your training today, we don't have to if you don't want...'

'that sounds great!'

'okay, I'll be there in about 30 minutes, is that okay?'

'thats fine, plenty of time for me! oh wait, what should I wear?'

'probably a light t-shirt or tank top and shorts'

'okay! can't wait!'

I smiled as I got ready to leave, leaving a note for Fuyumi to keep her from worrying, I grabbed a granola bar and a water bottle as I walked out the door.

I knocked on Midoriya's door and was surprised to see a petite woman answer the door "hello, I'm Shoto Todoroki, is Midoriya-kun here?"

she smiled "hello, Todoroki-san, I'm Izuku's mother Inko Midoriya, its nice to meet you,

Izuku will be down soon" "it is nice to meet you as well Midoriya-san" I bowed my head "would you like to come in and wait? He could be a minute."

she offered, opening the door wider "I would like that, thank you." I gave her a small smile as I followed her into their living room

"I'm sure its not as glamorous as your house but I hope its comfortable" she motioned for me to take a seat on the couch "it is very comfortable, I may prefer it more actually" I say,

trying not to panic "so, Todoroki-san, I hope you don't intend any harm to come to my son, if you did you would regret it."

she says casually, as if she wasn't threatening me, she walks over to their kitchen area "would you like tea while you wait?"

she asks "yes, please, that would be wonderful, and please know that I would never hurt Midoriya-kun, I couldn't." I state, attempting to ease her concern.

She comes back and hands me a teacup "good. Be careful, its hot" she warns as I take the cup, she then sits across from me and began to ask questions about my personal interests.

Midoriya-kun came out of his room quickly after she had asked about my family, a topic I tend to avoid, he was dressed in a cute All Might shirt,

blue track shorts and his red high-tops "sorry to keep you waiting Todoroki-kun!"

he looked at me with a guilty expression "no worries, I got to meet your mother while waiting and I enjoyed talking with her" I smiled "are you ready to go Midoriya-kun?"

he nodded, I turned to Midoriya-san "it was nice meeting you Midoriya-san, thank you for the tea." I bowed my head "please call me Inko.

It was wonderful meeting you Todoroki-san" she smiled at me "please call me Shoto." I said. She nodded as we left their house.

"So Todoroki-kun, what will we be doing today?" Midoriya-kun looked up at me eagerly "call me Shoto.

Today we will be doing light exercises to ease your body into the exercises we do later, we'll start with a light jog to our next location" I explained. "A-alright.

Shoto?" "yes Midoriya-kun?" "call me Izuku" he smiled up at me and we began our jog.

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