The Darkness that Dwells in the Woods
The Darkness that Dwells in the Woods woods stories
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A twisted adventure...

The Darkness that Dwells in the Woods

I have a woods behind my house. It holds a darkness between each tree. When the sun sets and in the sky the moon.

That's when the mischief starts to play with the minds of the lonely travelers. Oh how I wish I could go and see.

A loud noise you can hear but not see. I leave the warmth, I leave the house.

The wind guides me on my travel. The world hidden by trees. The leafs start to play under the light of the moon.

The shining globe of the moon allows me to see, allows the creatures to play. I can no longer see my house. The way the woods is shaped by the trees, i'm now a lost traveler.

I can’t help to feel Travail. The once bright light now a dark Moon.

Blocked in by the trees. I hear the darkness but can not see. I want to be in the safety of my House. I don't want my mind to play.

I'm running not Playing. I don't want to Travel. The need is strong for my House. I no longer find comfort in the Moon. I lost my sense, I can not See. The light is shadowed by the Trees.

I reach the end of the Trees. The air becomes Playful. I'm no longer a Traveler. The world is bright because of the Moon. I go inside my House.

I know it's soaked in the trees--It blinds the travelers makes them believe its safe to play. The accomplice is the moon.

Never wonder if you can't see, because there is a darkness that dwells in the woods.

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