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seneca_summit Oh gee i'm a little unhappy...
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She's sinking under the pressure.


She's sinking under the pressure. The numbness is kicking in. When did life get so boring? When did she start giving in?

To the darkness that consumes her. She's tired and doesn't want to play anymore.

She's getting left behind. By the people she loves. She wish she did something, but she is not that kind of person.

She says "she's going to start again". But who is she kidding? She is an empty shell of a person. Who is wasting away.

In her room is the cemetery. Her bed is the grave. She digs with her self hatred. Let's be honest this is the only way.

Death is but a kiss away. The sweetness of her lips. I want a better taste . So i'll call her forbidden name.

Angel of death so unforgiving I want the soothing of your touch to ease the pain. But like most night that I long for your love to consume. Just wish me sweet dreams tonight.

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