The Moon
The Moon unrequited love stories

semperpugnandi but darling what if we change
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She was my moon.

The Moon

Tonight I finally allowed myself to cry

For everything we never were.

And as I sitting writing this out

I don't know if it's a poem or a letter.

I'd hoped I'd feel lighter

But honestly I'm just more empty.

Sometimes that's the same,

But I just have all the pain and less me.

And I'll stay by your side

Because that's all I know how to do.

You tease me for being in love with love,

But I'm just in love with the idea of not loving you.

He broke your heart, but you broke mine first.

I spend all my time convincing us it never hurt.

And after everything we've been through,

I know this one thing's true:

I never could save my heart from you.

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