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selsaki_books Too much feelings for this small body
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The tears are streaming down my face and I honestly can’t believe that my boyfriend cheated on me.

Forever Starts Today

The tears are streaming down my face and I honestly can’t believe that my boyfriend cheated on me.

Still unbelieving, I stare at my phone and the picture he posted on Instagram, of him and some girl. The caption reads: ‘My Girl. I love you since I’m four years old.

’ At first, I thought she’s just a friend of him, but the comments suggested otherwise.

We haven’t talked in a few days, the reason for this was me finding out that I’m pregnant. I told him and he didn’t take the news very positively.

I tried to text him today and even told him, that if he doesn’t want this child at all, I will get an abortion. He didn’t respond, he didn’t even read my message.

I walk down the hallway of our hockey arena. It’s a game day and I’m volunteering. I suddenly hear heavy footsteps coming up behind me and then a hand grabs my wrist and spins me around.

I suddenly find myself pressed into the familiar chest of my boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, I’m not really sure.

“Baby, I’m sorry about that Instapost. That’s Will’s sister. I know her for a really long time, and she’s like a sister to me. Everyone just took it the wrong way.

They always told us, that we will end up married when we’re older. But that’s not gonna happen, okay baby? I only love you.”, he whispers into my ear.

The tears are starting to roll down my face again. “Why haven’t you talked to me since I told you I’m pregnant?”, I whisper into his chest, not really sure if he even hears me.

“Baby, I didn’t know what to do, I had to think about it and I’m sorry, for not telling you that I needed space to think about it.

I’m sorry, I love you and I want to have this child with you if you want to?”, I pull my head back to look him in the eyes, he’s looking hopefully down at me.

I nod my head and tell him, that I do want to have this kid with him. He looks really relieved and happy that I want this to raise this child and that I don’t want to get an abortion.

He looks apologetic at me: “I told Will about your pregnancy… I’m sorry, I needed to talk to someone about it.

” I shrug my shoulders and tell him that it’s okay, he would be one of the first people to know anyway. His apologetic face turns sheepish.

“You know, after I told Will, he actually got us something. You know about his new job at the hockey shop?” He pulls away from me and grabs a little package from his bag. He hands it to me.

I slowly open it. It feels soft and like a piece of clothing is inside the dark blue paper, that has my boyfriend’s team logo printed on it.

The piece of clothing I pull out of the wrapper is a tiny hockey jersey. It has the number ‘24′, my boyfriend’s number, and it says ‘Daddy’ on the back.

He hugs me close, the little jersey pressed between us. “I love you, and I love our little peanut.

” - “We love you too,” I whisper into his neck, tears rolling down my cheeks again, happy tears this time.

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