a divine decision
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what would you do if you were given a decision of a life time? would you do what you believe is right or listen to what your creator told you no matter what it is?
btw this is my first story so whoever reads this go easy on me please

a divine decision

my first story-ish on here lets see how i do

Sean was a devoted religious man. He constantly went to church and prayed every night. He put god above any and everything.

Sean works at a kindergarten teacher at a school nearby his house and he loves his job more than anything but it doesn’t pay the bills. and he is in danger of being evicted.

his once landlord has raised the rent which doesnt help him at all not to mention that he still needs to pay his endless amount of student loans. Sean is stuck and doesn’t know what to do.

so he does what he knows best..


he prays to god, that he is rewarded and god will help him in his time of desperate need and to his surprise

god answers

“dont cry my son, i hear your problems and i will help you.” “I know what you want and i will give it to you”

“god!? that is you!!” “yes my son and i will abolish all your troubles and worries but i need you to spread my word to the people of the world for me”

“yes lord i will just tell me what you want me to say and i will give it to you” so Sean started to preach the word of the lord, day by day he would go out and preach what he was told and he soon became a prominent figure in his small community.

his debt and rent were forgiven by the schools out of nowhere, it was practically a miracle, Sean was loving everything that had come to him from the lord.

on one particular day though god called to sean and asked for a strange request. “Sean my son, today when you talk to your followers i need you to tell your followers this message “

“yes of course lord, what is it you need” “now you must understand that what i say to you is all for my plan and i need you to understand that this will help mankind become better” “of course my lord what is it

“i want you to tell your disciples to...

torture infant babies for all of eternity.

Sean froze, by the shock of what he just heard “now go my son and tell your followers”

“lord, fo you really want me to do this for you? i am confused, why do you want me to tell people to hurt babies?”

“sean, my son this is something that i need to happen in order to achieve any world peace “ “God i don’t doubt that your plan is full proof and will work but i am extremely uneasy with saying that especially since i deal with children everyday”

“yes i can feel you confusion and guilt so i will inform you” “man are creatures of violence and problems, they want things and don’t appreciate what i have given them because they are blinded by the devil and his acts of evil. treating objects more valuable than their own brother”

“part of the reason is because most people has not felt lost or pain enough to appreciate the life i have gave them which is a design i made purposely.” “If man understands pain, horror, and lost early on then they will appreciate the world i have given them and would realize that they don’t want to put anyone in that position ever”

“man will become more compassionate and understand that life is more than just materials and world domination, that is this world everyone can suffer and that is the greatest evil of all”

“yeaaaaaa...... no, sorry lord but i cant do that. i cant command anyone to hurt children for any circumstance. is there something else that you can incorporate into your plan?”


in a petrified state, sean didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t say these things to the people nor could he not go against gods words so he was left with a huge problem that he couldn’t understand or even think about to ask someone for help.

stuck with a problem that could split the universe, should he obey his creators rules and actually torture all new born and infant babies for eternity in order to achieve peace and for man to appreciate life or should he disobey god, do what he believes is right from the morals he learned from his religion, teachings and life expectancies and doom humanity forever and letting god abandon us.

he had himself a real life changing decision.

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