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World that is wasted in resources has forced the divided human race to send a grand ship(The Traveler). Perspective is taken from a dark life of a male teen, who is on the crawl for survival every day, until color comes to play

(Suggestions for title)

Never had I seen trees, never had I seen the sun, never had I seen the ocean. I visualized of what it might be, filled with bright colors, I bet.

I was told that colors use to be lighter, the only thing close to this is the bursts of guns, and the blood that might come out.

These thoughts would be interrupted by the feeling of tremors, not that anyone really did rest.

Fatigue ruled the wakes in my body, I would take a cloth and lift the musty mask in which I breath from. This is done quickly, I will crawl out of the house I chose.

I got out before most others, only needed to carry myself. Kept crawling, feeling the street to follow the tracks from the tanks that retreated.

Because the fog, the rigged glass from the mask, the uncontrollable music of war, the overpower smell of moist within the mask, the inability to make use of the rest of my senses, I crawled.

Feeling tremors was upmost importance, the troops retreat quickly, most don't mind it, thus the tanks mix them into the mud.

Every now and then there will be feet from those that used to stay here, never knowing how to survive.

The feet that scurry tend to trip over me, I feel kicks of adults and children, felt enough to tell. Had to crawl over some that didn't stay low, were in misfire.

To lift your head even the slightest will cause sharpnel to meet your head.

But this time was different, I saw someone. I saw. Through the cracked plastic, through the dense particles in the air.

I used to have to get real close to see even the smallest hint of colors, but I see red. The red blurry but can be shaped through most of the body. The face was dim but seeable, it was lost.

Instincts began to move ahead, knowing that this person will fall. I couldn´t, palms stretched themselves on the ground, pressure launched my body up.

My heart raced the possibility of death as my feet awkwardly stumbled on the ground. Arms stretched to the red, at the felling of contact, I dropped dead.

Not actually dead, only impossibly bringing down red before death claimed us. I numbly feel small delicate force on my chest, red is squirming, but the fists weaken.

Unconsciously, my life is lifted from me. My lungs grasp onto something before I feel cool breeze, I hold red tightly as my only source of life is passed down to red.

I can see more clearly but my eyes water from the sting, my breath is still held. Red struggles more to the mask, her eyes closed and shaking. It was a she, anxiously, I force the mask on her.

My hand feels red breathing from her chest, sometimes quick ones, most likely gags. We had to move, I already delayed too much.

Enraged at what I had done to nearly dooming myself, I keep crawling dragging red as she struggles to fight confusion.

The tires make turns and we turn, my breath let out, in the strangest sense to yell. To yell felt odd, vibrations finally going up my throat.

And that was it, my eyes were either way closed when I fainted.

I knew I wasn't dead, not yet, it´s dark but no light. Waiting for the light felt forever, but instead I saw red. It grew and grew, until pressure dug into my chest in a quick steady pace.

I am awake and alive, but no air to breath. Red had dragged me to a building for the time being as she pressured my chest, I was going to signal for air.

Red took off the given mask and in the dust her face was seen clearly. A face so bright, stained will smugges of brown.

Took thought to realize some dots were actually freckles, her eyes shone green, not the green of toxicity, but of something else. Lips opened and drew to mine, the connection shocking me.

This was for survival, though there was something else felt. A sense of energy coursed my body as she blew into my lungs. The taste was unlike anything I've felt, odd instincts coarsed my mind.

I actually hungered more than my stomach, the need for more. Red pulled away, locking our eyes until they watered forcing them shut. The mask was forcefully sent to me from Red, I refused.

In agreement, we clenched onto the mask evely in our hands. Before we knew it, we were back crawling.

We had made it, eventually. It was frustrating to know that the two of us had made late to this new border line. It never stays.

The air is starting to run out from the mask, there were shelters and minimal airdrops from above that contain masks or containers of air.

Food was lowly rationed to everyone, but rules didn't matter, only survival. To not being able to claim shelter or supplies meant slow death.

So people regularly fought, many killed, the soldiers that retreat are just like the rest of us, but with weapons.

Now hope was lost, I didn't know what to do. Red tugged the mask, the red lead me to the bigger building. A hospital.

It was the only place that had lights and everything to survive, but guarded by soldiers for the rich. There was no way to get in, but red lead on.

The soldiers carried automatic rifles and pointed them right at us, I was going to run when Red kept moving forward.

It was suicide, but she grabbed her dress from the sleeves and ripped them off. She held two red sleeves to the guards who greedily janked them, I was lead inside.

I had questions, just couldn't speak. The room was bright, just from looking at it from outside made me squitn, now my eyes were shut.

Until my face was felt with delicate fingers, the only thing that had touched this face was mud and bugs. The fingers peeled open my eyes, it burned but I saw her.

She seemed brighter that the lights, and then the strangest sound came from her. It was high, short, and odd. She did it more until I looked away, my face felt warm, I didn't know the feeling.

¨It's ok to feel embarrassed.¨ she said, it's impossible to describe the sound from her mouth. My mind rolled in confusion, my mouth croaked, ¨Who are you?¨

What happened then only added the confusion, her mouth distorted upwards, I panicked. Was she ok? She made the high sound again and reached my hand, leading me down the hall.

Into a room we went in, there was person in a muddy white coat, it was a doctor. He eyed us and gestured us to take a seat as he inspected us.

It speed by as wonders filled my head, was this just my thoughts?

I then realized im on a bed, not soft but not like the floor. Red is next to me, her eyes closed with a clear mask that allows me to see her lips. I realize I have the same thing on me.

I panicked for a while and was calmed down by nurses, they explained that Red had consumed too much gas into her lungs that now they were stained.

My condition was about the same, not as severe though surprisingly. I winced at the bain on my back, there was a bloodied shard of metal next to me.

Still a work in progress! Needs title

It must´ve been when I saved her, the windows outside are shown. It's an outskirts, they must´ve transported us to a hospital near the last cities. There was a t.v

I only saw junked ones before, but this one was on. The colors dim but visible to show news, a cylinder ship with rings of metal surrounded the line evenly.

The bottom text read, ¨TRAVELER´S RELEASE SOONER.¨

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