And from this.. I never trusted anyone!!
And from this.. I never trusted anyone!!  life stories

seirra An introvert loving nature .
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A simple thing that had changed my nature!!

And from this.. I never trusted anyone!!

Hello beautiful people!!.. Tazheen mulla here!!(seirra) . With little n short events or story that I always remember in my life.. So lets start

The time I use to go school and had many friends to be my best frnd. makes me laugh today!! But yahh it was truth..

But I had only one best frnd to stays with me. Let her name YUM. I always use to share everything with her . And my mom and YUM's mom were also very good friend.. Once I hear..

Her mom speaking everything to my mom what I had said to YUM . Their were some childish experiment and some experiences that my dad had in his courier of life.

Actually she was confirming everything to my mom that what I speak were true or not!!. How cheap and how can a elder to that!!!! This made me feel quite disturbing!! I use to think all the night that did she is sooooo baad that she use to deliver all the things I told her!!..

I close my eyes and told Myself u should not trust anyone.. Same thing is also done by my cousin sis to me.. N from that time I had not trusted anyone!! Even today she does the same.. I told simple things and her mom speak them to my mom

That's end ; ) Forgive everyone!! B'coz they teach u something!! ; )

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