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seeyouthen Cities rise and fall like art.
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I was blind, now I'm this.

Horror Show

I didn't know before, when you were there, by my side, not theirs.

You loved me, I was blind and my eyes were opened, by then you had gone far.

They loved you and you had loved me, this was now resolved.

That was many years ago, centuries past, now you lay at my feet, peace has come down for you, a beautiful sight. Angel's wings up, all your problems gone.

I should be gone now but fate is cruel to those who look without seeing, so I watch, for the first time I see, everything is so horribly clear here.

I was blind but now I am this. Not here, nor there, not living or dying, just being.

My mind is half gone now, so is my heart but it does not take much to be able to see the horrors that are the world. That were me. That are you. That are us.

I see people's mistakes, the ones I have made. I want to reach out and yell, "no, you're a fool!"

I cannot make such things happen, I watch and I stare, I see people condemn themselves to a prison such as mine. I can't warn them, it is part of the lesson I am here to learn.

But once every century I am allowed to speak out. Here is a message from a person of horrible deeds:

My warning to you is watch out, don't be close-minded. Don't be hateful, dishonourable, pesky or snide, for the chances are you will be denied.

You do not know when you will run out of time.

The judgement is final and swift. It will drop from the heavens, angel of fire. By now you should know, you are going to hell.

If you want a chance to not going this way, you will heed the words that I now say.

For you may rest in peace, if you are not damned.

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