Interview with Wil Benton

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TLDR version of an interview with Wil Benton, Co-founder of Chew. Wil Benton and Ben Bowler co-founded Chew.

Chew was started in 2014 and has been growing globally ever since. Check them out at at
We were lucky to be able to catch hold of Wil despite being busy with his equity crowdfunding campaign.

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Interview with Wil Benton

Co-founder of

What is Chew?

Chew is the DJs' live streaming community. DJs, music producers in over 130 countries have the ability to engage and perform to an audience of fellow musicians and music fans in 190+ countries

Are DJs content exclusively tied to

We do not provide users (or viewers) with download links to content broadcast on Chew. Users can of course record any broadcast content locally while they broadcast and do whatever they like.

Your thoughts on Competitors like Mixlr and MixCloud

Our users broadcast audio-only content to them, audiovisual content to us; something we're really pleased to see. They make sharing live audio simple, we make sharing live audio and video simple

Why audio visual?

There's nothing like being able to see the process happen live. Watching digitally a 'spontaneous togetherness' experience with other audience members online. You cant get that just from audio

What kind of interaction are you looking at for 2016?

We're rolling out channel-based/ site wide messaging and building messaging into the content discovery aspect of Chew too. Using messaging as an indicator of what's popular on the platform.

How do investors get their returns?

Monetisation efforts in 2016 may see dividend options applicable. There are a number of possible acquisition prospects that exist. Indefinitely, an IPO if things continue to be successful!

Thoughts on a separate apps for consumers and creators.

If we focus on creating the best user experience for content consumers and creators separately we can create better experiences for the community as a whole.

Location based features?

We're onboarding venues every week. We're working on a number of ideas around content discovery - location being one of these. Majority of our users have listed their location.

Posting of basic music framework (MIDI files) on

We find our DJs and producers share tips and thoughts already - but we see DJs using us like a CV as well as a marketing/ fan engagement platform so could work for producers as we expand

Content Crowdfunding

Watch this space. We're looking at how best to implement this kind of concept in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!

Full interview and review on Chew's equity crowdfunding campaign at

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2 years agoReply
@jeremiah Thanks for the feedback! I shall ask more insightful questions in my next interview. I focused mainly on the future rather than current or past growth. This is a TLDR version of an article at my blog site There are links at the bottom of the article to their campaign page where you can find hard factual numbers. If you're interested, Wil has provided me links to previous interviews where he covered questions about growth and startups. Potential VC: Guardian: TechCrunch:

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I think this interview could be more powerful if there were questions that weren't just about the company. Wish there were more growth or startup relevant questions there. Still a cool product

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I like how these are SO focused on the users. Making sure they care of the users is KEY

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@sydney Fixed! Thanks alot! Its approximately 2 years old?

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Awesome story!!! Noticed there was a problem on the first image. If you edit it (go to ->published tab) and reupload the image, it should work fine. Sorry about that! Really cool story though :) How old is the company?