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seekingsquake I've got a tambourine heart
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My body is the New World


Every night

When I take off my clothes before bed

My skin is like a map of a country I don’t recognize

New bruises bloom over the sharp edges of my body

And anywhere the hands of settlers have touched me

No matter how gentle the fingers

Black and blue and yellow spread out from wounds I can’t remember

But trauma is like that

Even after the event has passed

Faded from memory

The effects can still be felt in the body

Blood and bone and skin

When your heartbeat stutters for no reason

The hairs on the back of your neck stand tall

Breath catches

And my knees always have new bruises

And my thighs

The back of my calves

So I stopped looking

Because I am tired of recognizing trauma, but not my body underneath it

Roll up the map— don’t look

Just tread through the earth

Do not take, do not document

Only experience

Eventually your footprints will fade from the land

The way the yellow sinks deep into the skin

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