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seekingsquake I've got a tambourine heart
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Hook, line, sinker

Mon 10:11 PM Nov


Darkness, dead phone, wind outside slams against shutters

Don’t remember coming to bed

Empty plate on pillow beside body

Don’t remember eating

Pill bottle clatters to floor when duvet pulled tight over feet

Don’t remember taking meds

Did I take my meds?

Remember sitting in the passenger seat on the drive home last night

Speed through a giant puddle, laugh when the water hits the window

Hide face when he says, "sorry, you still make me nervous. You’re ten outta ten, you know? And I—"

He makes me laugh

Don’t remember the last time someone pulled my laugh so effortlessly

Almost lean across the gearshift, almost grab his hand and kiss his knuckles, almost invite him in

Do nothing

Don’t remember the last time I felt safe reaching

Wanna reach

Wanna run my fingers through his hair, wanna smooth my thumbs over his brows, wanna climb into his lap wrap around him let him hold me

Got the small dog shivers

Drape legs over thighs sitting on the sofa

Hands big, warm around calves


Don’t remember feeling my body spark so much from just hands

From just eyes

From nervous lips but steady tongue saying things like, “you’re cute when you laugh”

Light me up

Inside out

Pin me down

Shelter me

Don’t remember feeling safe

Inside out inside out inside out don’t remember

Come to bed

Ask him to come to bed

Ask to kiss his face

Do nothing

Light me up

We’ll get there

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