Five Year Plan
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The boy knows how to make you dream

Five Year Plan

"Once my grandpa dies, and I reach journeyman, I'm gonna buy a house. Probably in the Maritimes, since, you know. Vancouver is crazy expensive. But--"

We're lying in bed. My legs are still shaking, and the back of my neck still feels tacky with sweat. Our skin is too warm where we're pressed together, but I don't move.

It's a good idea, to buy a house out East. Nova Scotia, Newfoundland... it's supposed to be beautiful out there.

I've never been.

We haven't said as much yet, but. I love him. I'm in love with him. I'm pretty sure that he's in love with me, too, which is nice.

I mean, I haven't been treated this well by a romantic partner since-- shit. Maybe ever. But it hasn't been very long, see, and moving across the country? That's big.

His fingers tangle in my hair, and with his free hand, ​he opens the web browser on his phone. "See," he says as he shows me a Google map. "Look at all the HVAC​ companies. I'd find work, easy."

I've never seen the appeal of long distance relationships. Six months ago, I was prepared to grow old, alone and unattached​; I was going to be a modern-day​ spinster.

When I met him, that future spiralled away from me too fast for comfort. But he wants to move to the opposite coast, and he wants to travel the world, and he dreams big. And me, I'm just a girl.

We haven't even been dating very long.

And love never conquers wanderlust. But I don't think I'd want it to, anyway. Just-- the idea of being left behind hurts.

"Once I make journeyman," he says again, softer, his lips brushing the top of my head where he's curled around me. "Maybe... I could help you go back to school.

I won't have any student loans, and I'll be making bank, right, so. If you wanted. I've heard that the university out there is okay."​

"You'd want me to go with you?" I don't mask my surprise well. It hadn't even occurred​ to me.

He presses a kiss into my hair. "I see you in my future." It's a whisper, so quiet I might have imagined it except for the fact that I can feel his voice in his throat. "If you want to be there."

I do. I do, I do, I do. I love you. I'm in love with you. I melt into him. I say, "I'll think about it," and I smile when he laughs. It wouldn't do to get too far ahead of ourselves, but.

Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, it's supposed to be beautiful out there.

I've never been. But I'd like to go.

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