Loving a Murderer
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Loving a murderer. My 30 year sentence.

Loving a Murderer

Before he had this title, before he committed this crime. I was his world, and he was mine. He was my saviour, who saved me from myself. He showered me with love, affection and wealth.

He made my heart feel whole and said he would never leave my side, but on that fateful night, it felt like he too had died.

He was violently attacked so he rightfully fought for his life, but the judge didn’t take no notice because my love had used a knife.

The other man too used a deadly weapon, he nearly ended my husbands life.

Would my love have got a lesser sentence if that man had too used a knife?

People are quick to judge him, because of what they read in the news, but those of us who know him, have completely different views. He is soft, he is gentle and he is kind.

He has the most creative mind. He would do anything to help anyone, but when his judgment came it all fell down to one. 30 years they said. 30 years, 30 years, 30 years.

It echoed around and around in my ears. My life, my lover, my best friend and my soul. As they lead him away I’d never felt so alone.

I love this man with all my heart and no amount of time can keep our hearts apart.

Everyone says I’m crazy for committing to 30 years but when I think of a life without my love my eyes fill with tears. No other man could ever make me feel they way he can.

I don’t want or need any other man.

For better or for worse, we said it in our vows, what kind of wife would I be if I backed out now?

Yes I miss the intimacy, and yes I miss being physical but when the hearts are connect like ours it goes beyond physical.

It reaches heights you would need spaceships to see, I am him and he is me. We are 7 years in now and I’ve stayed true to my word.

He wants me to find someone new but he knows for me this will never be true.

He wants the very best for me, he doesn’t want me to put my life on hold, but this is the man with whom I’m going to grow old.

Yes he made a mistake but please don’t judge him because if you knew him the way I know him you too would fall in love.

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