'The girl wolf'
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secretsihave 16// dm me if you loss contact with me
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Basically the poem version of 'I don't need friends, they disappoint me'.

'The girl wolf'

I never wanted to give you power over me but I watched you speak bullets I watched you crumple me up and throw me away I watched you watch me bleed out I watched you ignore me I watched you treat me like trash

I'm sorry, but I cannot forgive you You lie through the gaps in your teeth and you love to see me suffer

You're the reason I can't listen to some of my favorite songs Your words still fall elegantly around them like fairy lights But I still know they were only for looks and they were still broken

I wanted to be there for you but I never wanted to be your steppingstones to something much worse your promises came down with a crash They crashed down on ME cutting my skin deeper than any blade

I swear I wanted to be there for you but you never considered the exit wound the day you learned to speak bullets

Yes, i'm mad you broke my heart you promised you would never leave knowing you would break every promise you ever made

every step you pushed me to was self destruction everyday was another one of your lies and your knife up to my trought

everyday I wasted

trying to save her from the wolf

when the one who needed saving is me

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