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secretsihave 16// dm me if you loss contact with me
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This is a story of two sheet ghost who feel in love,
but can't wait to wait for the cross between the living in the dead.

'Sheet Ghost'

The day the dead crosses the living,

The day I can love you

That day I met you

And the day I will never leave you

Sheet ghost

what a cliche

but it hides our face

the face of two, ghost-like kids

But those two sheet ghost

would walk though hell together

and for each other

they have seen hell

and now it's time to finally see heaven

every year

I get to remember how autumn smells

and how the breeze kisses my skin with passion

and remember your voice

and remember the way you have loved me

for hundreds of years

This day was different

Your voice creaked like an old handsome staircase

"Take my hand, I'll lead you today, to our story's end, were it would begin"

You lead me away

to a house of memories

hundreds of years

standing as tall as it did that day

"stay were with me, and soon you'll see, you don't have to wait, to finally feel free'

so there you lead me up those stairs

Two sheet ghost

finally free

at their story's end, were it would only begin

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