I’m not them
I’m not them  wantmore stories

secretplacesong Community member
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I’m not even me

I’m not them

They sing welcome I scream come They ask for more I beg for a taste

They say it’s just a season But what if my summer is their winter their fall is my spring And my winter isn’t a season they can comprehend

They are a picture of perfect flight I am a sparrow trying to tread ocean water And Sparrows don’t swim

They ask how I’m doing I say okay Inside I’m suffocating I ask how they are Their response is full of faith Inside I’m crying

What would it be like to answer that way To actually be okay To not walk like a Serpent army is following Looking behind me with every word I speak To sleep a full nights To not dream of dreadful things To want to eat To eat and not feel pain in my belly

They sing about love that always find them I wonder if the black glass surrounding me is to thick to be seen through. They want to know me I know they’d leave if they did

I open my mouth so praise but get chocked on all the reasons you don’t want to listen So I stop So I give up Then I forget They pray I struggle to communicate They’re doing it all correctly But I can’t even breath the right way I’m not them I’m hardly me

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