Life of Having a Mother Who Dose't Give One Single F*** PG-13 Warning!!: Mild inappropriate language. Young readers beware!
Life of Having a Mother Who Dose't Give One Single F***

PG-13 Warning!!: Mild inappropriate language.
Young readers beware!  school stories

secretgirl_ Real story's, real people.
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I just needed to rant so Idid

Life of Having a Mother Who Dose't Give One Single F*** PG-13 Warning!!: Mild inappropriate language. Young readers beware!

So I will admit that I'm a young buck only in 8th grade

So for years I've been arguing with my mom about high schools. You know just the regular I really, really wanna go here, or here, or even here. And she doesn't give two flying shits.

So because some of my friends ae going there, and that's my only choice besides just going to the high school section of my current school I pitched the idea to my mom to go to another close bz school near us.

That was weeks ago. After the first week I pitched the idea to her I asked if she had thought about it. She said no cause she's been sleeping a lot. I asked her again a couple days later. Still no. I wait longer and ask again and she finally says yes.

I'm happy, I'm excited yay i got to chose what high school I'm going to finally. I ask her if she wants me to do the application or no. She say's no she'll do it. i say ok and go on with my life.

-Weeks Later-So I start to watch this Korean drama TV show and the school looks all fancy which reminds me about high school. So I go downstairs to see if my mom ever applied yet. She said no. I'm very annoyed but stay calm.

I ask her why, she says because she forgot. I say well can I apply then? She says yes, so i run upstairs and I get on my phone go to the schools webpage and do what I need to do. But my phone decides to act up.

Don't ask me why but my phone has been really slow lately so everything's taking forever to load and I cant refresh the page. I go downstairs and my god brothers in a middle of a game on my computer so I go to my my mom and ask to use hers she says to kick my god brother off of mine.

He's in the middle of playing DDO and I fully and completely know how u can't just stop playing and log off. That's crazy talk! I tell her why I need it and I thought she said I had had all weekend to do it and I say huh? Then she starts yelilng saying that I have all weekend to do it.............She was wrong.

In fact I have been talking to her for months about what high schools i want to go to, and how we should hurry up and decide because I need to start applying cause I don't wanna be stuck at the bottom of a waiting list. nd when she said she would apply for me I stupidly put my faith in her.

This all incoincidentally happened today. And want to know how she was wrong? The deadline for applications was due by December first. Now just guess what day it was, MOTHER FUCKING DECEMBER FIRST. So I stay calm and tell her in a calm but slightly irritated voice that they were actually due by today. Her response, a shrug of the shoulders and a well I'm playing a game to.

That game is and was a Facebook game. Here's the thing with my mom. Unless it benefits her or it's what she wants and she likes, she truly doesn't give a fuck about anything and everything else. So now there i was trying to gt my phone to go quicker and lucky old me I told my brother earlier that I was gonna need my computer at some point.

I got on my computer and it want smother but then I get to some more dumb interference. I have to do the proof a residence so a utility bill and a lease. Easy except for the fact that my mom doesn't know were the lease is so I spend an hour digging through her messy shit packed filling cabinet. Only for her to look on the coffee table in the corner where she puts bills and mail and finds it there an hour later.

Overall it might seem like I'm over exaggerating about her not giving a fuck but over time with the real life true stories I tell you, you will b able to grasp more of a concept on how i feel when it comes to my mom. Yeah she's my mom and I love her but really she just doesn't seem to give a fuck about me sometimes. And pushes me to the side and favors others who aren't even her flesh and blood.

Well that's all i got time for stick around for my updates but for now goodbye my little secrets live life and keep a secret

, secretgirl_

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