Fuck I am an Idiot
Fuck I am an Idiot romance stories
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secretgirl_ Real story's, real people.
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My little rant about how I ruined one of the happiest times of my life and how it has really been fucking with me. This is a little romance thoughts kind of thing

Fuck I am an Idiot

I loved him and he loved me

I was really happy, and the things in my life that get me upset would hurt but would phase over.

And I was really truthful with him even though there were still things I hid and I would prefer not to discuss, our relationship was strong.

For the first time ever a guy actually shared his true feelings with me and didn't hide how he felt and was honest, and he was honest about how much he cared for me.

I broke up with him though because I got scared, and I don't know why.

It just seem to always stop myself from being happy. Or fate just wants me to be sad all the time.

He knows I still care for him but it doesn't matter. I messed up and I waited months to try and make even a small attempt.

other things in life plus constantly being reminded of love and how much I fucked up just really got to me so much lately.

And the anniversary of my cousin's death made me have a breakdown at school, everything just piled up and I couldn't handle it that day.

But I'll never be over him, my first true love, but I think I'm starting to be ready to move on and have a really good relationship and try to be happier.

That's all for now

Goodbye my little secrets ,secretgirl_

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