Have you ever loved a woman?
Have you ever loved a woman? blues stories

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Have you ever loved a woman?

Have you ever loved a woman?

Oh, here we go.. It's my first story. First of all, hello to everyone and nice to meet you. My name is Pearl. No, of course it's not my real name, but this is how you can call me.

I'm simply going to publish some of my thoughts and things that happened to me. I think.. Starting right from now..

So, have you ever looked at one place with your soul so empty, eyes so slippery and mind so taken away from you? Of course you have if you ever were in love, which i assume you were.

My story began a long time ago, when i met him. Him... MMD (the man of my dreams).. This is how i will call him, of course inspired by perfect Bradshow.

I won't go too far into details now of our 3 years' relationship. I have a lot of time for writing about it, right?

2 days ago i was talking to him and received that "i'm not sure if i still love you". I told him not to write me until he decides what he really wants.

So now, i'm sitting next to my fucking lap lop, listening to some relaxing blues music that actually makes me cry, enjoining a perfect thunder outside and writing that story,which probably no one will read or care about. You know what's missing? A cigarette. A cigarette in my mouth, so i would close my one eye because of that smoke.

I was actually smoking before, until he knew it and made me stop. You know what i did today in the morning? i took one cigarette. Not because i'm addicted, but because, you know what? Fuck you.

I will do it because you told me not to.

Thunder... I wonder if he thinks about me.. i remember telling him that rain always means that i'm either very happy or very sad.

Is he listening to this thunder and thinking if i'm happy or sad?

I know what you think: "Oh common, girl, fuck that asshole, he probably never even loved you". No, you're wrong. He loved me. I knew it and i was feeling it.

The only reason he told me that is that because he is confused, which has a lot to do with that corovirus shit, which made him sit at home and be depressed.

The point is, will he be back? Will i ever even allow him coming back if we decides he loves me? But what if he doesn't? What if he just dissapeared?

Or what if he comes to tell me WE are so over? This we will know only by time.

For now, i'm going to continue listening to the mix of thunder with perfect blues singing "have you ever loved a woman".

So, nice to meet you. Sincerly, your Pearl.

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