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Swimming forever till something greets you. Whether good or bad, something will greet you.


Swimming, swimming,

I thrash in the water. Reaching, grasping for any hold. Anything to pull me up. I twist and turn. Struggling. I don't know how long I've been under water.

Could've been five minutes or five hours. Either way, it feels like an eternity. My lungs burn and scream for air.

I look in the direction I think is up and see sunlight filtering through the murky water. I see tall strands of seaweed. I reach for them, but they seem to move backwards away from me.

The surface seems to move up and up, even though I'm not going down. I'm suspended in the water, neither going up or down.

My lungs continue to scream until they start to go numb. My vision become blurry as I see black dots swim across my vision. I see a flick and a flash of scales, what seems like a tail.

I've been seeing it forever.

I see someone swim towards be from below. Her blonde hair, streaming behind her, like liquid gold. She has a green tail. She reaches me and smiles sweetly.

I'm hallucinating, that's the only explanation. Either that or I am reaching death.

She smiles and shows her teeth, sharp blades of teeth. She opens her mouth I an inhuman size. She makes a gurgle noise and comes close to me.

I'm hypnotized, mezmerized. Unmoving.

There is a splash from above and something grabs the back of my shirt and yanks me up toward the surface, toward the sunshine.

The lady moans a moan filled with sorrow. She reaches for me as I fly.

I crash through the surface.

I shoot up in bed, panting. These same dreams have been happening, over and over. I take a deep breath and lay down.

Not noticing the shadow that stays on the wall. My shadow didn't move. I didn't notice the glowing, wicked grin that formed in my shadow.

I didn't notice any of this as I fell into an uneasy slumber.

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