The Dance of the Night
The Dance of the Night boy x girl stories

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A modern Cinderella story.

The Dance of the Night

Hi. My name is Shiori. I'm what you would classify as a nerd. I'm 5' 2" and one of the shortest people in my school. I'm in the 8th grade. I have long brown hair and ocean blue eyes.

I tend to always wear oversized sweaters and leggings with my scarf. Now that you know what I look like, let me tell you a story...

Our principal made an announcement over the intercom today. Apparently, tonight we have a dance at the school. I don't want to, but I turn my head to look at my friend.

She is ataring at me with a look that says, you are going. I shake my head slightly. I am soicially awkward. After school, she walks home with me.

Most of the time, she stays at my house till her mom gets off at 7. Instead of turning to my house, she grabs my arm and runs straight, towards the clothing store.

When we get there, she gives me puppy dog eyes. I sigh, I can't resist those eyes. "Fiiine. I'll go." She jumps and yells, "Thank you!" We enter the clothing store.

She then immediately pulls me to the women's section. We start looking at the dresses. Everyone she pulled out, I shook my head no too.

She eventually gave up and said, "Then what do you want to wear?" I said immediately, "A sweater." She sighs an looks around then gets excited.

She runs and starts pulling things off the shelves. She then pushes me into a dressing room with a pile of clothes. I get a good look at them.

It's a powder blue sweater with a llama on it with he words, "I'm a Llama" on it. I laugh and change into it with black leggings. I open the door and walk out. She smiles big.

"Yes!!" She tells me to change, so I get back into my normal clothes. She picks out a nice dress then proceeds to check out.

At the last minute, she stops by the hair accessories and picks out a large baby blue bow. When we finally get home she immediately tells me to change.

I change into my outfit and stand there waiting. She puts my hair half-up-half-down. Then puts the large bow in.

She applies simple make-up like lip gloss then hands me a pair of black ballet flats. She then continues to get ready.

~Time Skip~

When she is finished we get ready to leave. I decide last minute to be a rebel and I grab a necklace that has giant Christmas lights on it. We then walk to the school.

She laughs, "I can't believe you're wearing Christmas lights to a spring dance." I grin, "Everyday is Christmas when you're wearing a llama sweater.

" We laugh and wait outside the school for them ops the doors. My crush then decides to walk up. "Christmas lights?" I blush and look down, "I wanted to stand out and be a rebel.

" He laughs and ruffles my hair. "Ok." My friend gets mad, "Don't mess up her hair!!!" We all laugh.

His friend then comes up, "A bow? Really? And Christmas lights? And a llama sweater? What are you, five?" My smile drops and I look down, embarrassed.

Luckily, my crush-John- decides to stick up for me. "Leave her alone Ken. She wanted to have some fun and freedom." Ken looks at him astonished. He walks off and I mumble, "Thanks.

" But John looks at me, "Be careful Shiori." Then he walks off.

~Time Skip~

It's been about 2 hours and the dance is gonna end soon. I've had fun. I can't really dance so yea, but still. My friend comes up. She looks at me and says, "A slow song is coming up.

" I look up, "Ok and? No one is gonna want to dance with me." She looks thoughtful, "If I can find you a dance partner, will you dance in the middle of the dance floor?" I laugh, "Yes.

But you won't find a person in the world that will dance with me." She smiles and disappears into the crowd. A few minutes later she returns and takes my hand.

"You found someone? Who?" She smiles, "Oh you know, a guy." We laugh and the slow song starts. All the couples start dancing, as if it was a ball.

In the middle, is an open space, and standing there as if waiting for his dance, is John. I gasp and my friend smiles. She stops when we are near and gives me a little push. She then disappears.

I look up at John and smile slightly. He takes my hand and puts his hand on my side. I blush slightly as I put my hand on his shoulder. God I'm glad it's dark in here. We then start to dance.

John is one of the popular kids and I'm one of the outsiders. So, people stopped and stared. Two opposite people dancing together. It was amazing.

When the song finally ended, I was prepared for him to pull back and go over to his friends, laughing. But instead, he gently takes my chin and raised it to his.

He gives me a soft kiss on the lips. That stops everyone from dancing. His buddies are gaping and I am melting with pure joy.

I place my hand gently on his chest as he holds my head with his hands. When he pulls back he smiles. We then walk away, hand in hand, into the night.

(A/N)~ so this actually happened to me. I just changed names for privacy reasons. Remember, I do take requests for stories. Just message me! Hope you enjoyed! :3

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