Swimming in Sorrow
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Your words and actions can have the biggest impact.

Swimming in Sorrow

I wake up to my alarm blaring. I shut it off. It's 5 AM. I crawl off my mattress and get dressed in the dark. I then stuff everything into my backpack.

I open my window and drop down below, landing on my feet. I look to the street. Usually my best friend, Sammy, is there waiting.

He is my only friend and the only person who knows what happens in my home. My dad died when I was little and my mom found herself an idiotic boyfriend. I hate my house though.

My mom and her boyfriend both abuse me. Only Sammy knows the truth. But lately, Sammy's been really distant. I look back and see a light turn on in my house. My eyes widen and I turn, running.

My feet and heart both pounding. My alarm. My stupid alarm woke them up. I slow when I reach the school gates. I sit down and pull out my homework. I'm never able to do it at home.

Either my mom or her boyfriend are punishing me for whatever thing I did wrong that day. It's like that every day. I continue working and when I'm finished, I put it back into my bag.

I look at the time. 6:32 A.M. I sight and stand up, taking my bag with me. I walk around to the back of the school and stand there.

After a few minutes, I look up, and see Sammy walking towards me. A smile. A real smile, forms on my face. I speed walk towards him and raise my hand in a wave. He's smiling too. But.

His smile is off. It's almost a sadistic smile. My smile falters a little. I say in a quiet voice, "Sammy? Are you o-" I'm cut of by him punching me in the jaw.

I fall, scraping my hands and feet, my glasses flying off.

He starts screaming at me, "Why would you do that?! Why would you lie to me?! I was your friend! I trusted you! And you lied to me!! You wanted me to pity you didn't you?

! Well, I didn't work!! I saw right through it. I can't believe I trusted you.

" "S-Sammy, I-" "No! All that ever comes out of your mouth is all lies!" He starts kicking me, repeatedly, in the stomach. Sometimes missing and hitting my ribs.

I curl into the fetal position and cry as he continues screaming and kicking. When he's done, he's breathing heavily. He spits on the ground, near my face, and walks off.

I lay, bruised and cut, crying. My friend... my only friend... He's gone... I pull myself up and stumble into the school building. The day was terrible.

I beat on and yelled at by Sammy more and other kids as well. When I stumbled home, my mom and her boyfriend were passed out. I sit on my mattress and cry, hugging my knees.

I lost my best friend. Not only that, but he now hates me. I cry more and finally stand up. I walk downstairs and write a note to my mom. "I'm not coming home.

" I then take a pen, piece of paper, and an envelope and walk out of the door.

I stop when I reach the bridge over looking the river. I sit down on the guard rail and pull out the envelope. I write Sammy's name and address on it then set it aside.

Then I pull out the paper and start writing,

"Dear Sammy,

I'm sorry. I understand that you were pulled into a tangle of lies that other people told, but believe me, I didn't lie to you. Please don't throw this away till you've finished reading...

I have a few things to tell you.

I'm sorry Sammy, but this world wasn't meant for me. It isn't my place. You know, that I've tried for so long to fix my problems and to fit in. But this world is just too evil.

There isn't anything for me here, I'm wasting space and breath. I've got no reason to stay. You were the one thing keeping me here, and I lost you. It's a disgrace, I was misplaced.

Born in the wrong time and place. It's ok though, cause you'll see me soon, you'll know when your time has come. Just look at the moon.

It shines bright, throughout the night, even though everyone is facing there own fight. I just cant deal with the pain of my life, I'm not a fighter. You are though. You'll make it.

Let everyone know that I died for no reason, because everyone is the one to blame. And I know, in a year, the memory of me will be gone. I'm not worth being dwelled on.

That what those kids at school used to say, so I'm going by the famous law: majority rules. My presence on this earth is not needed any long. I hope this will make you stronger.

You were the best and the only friend I ever had. It's such a shame I had to make sad.

Just remember that you meant everything to me, and to my heart and life, you're the only one that held the key. Now I have to go, I'm running out of space to write.

Yes, I lost my fight, but please, for me, just hold on tight. I'm watching over you, from the clouds above. And sending down the purest guardian angel I can find. To watch and protect you.

Remember one thing, Sammy. You were the one thing that kept me here. When I lost you, I lost everything. This isn't your fault though.

Just remember that your actions can have the biggest impact to a single person. I love you. Tell the world goodbye"

I folded the letter and put it in the envelope and put a rock on top, so it wouldn't blow away. I then stood up on the guard rail at looked at the big round moon.

Then down at the clear, fast flowing, water. I took a deep breath, then jumped.

A/N- hope you enjoyed. I took a lot of inspiration from Courtney Parker's song "Her Last Words" tell me what you thought!! :3

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