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What wouId happen if Rapunzel got kidnapped in a modern age?

I look out my window and smile. I scratch my puppy, Hunter, behind his ear. He slightly kicked his leg, then rolled off the bed. I peek over the edge and laugh. I crawl out of bed and skthe kitchen. I crack the door a little. The cook turns away from the plate of bacon.


I look out my window and smile. I scratch my puppy, Hunter, behind his ear. He slightly kicked his leg, then rolled off the bed. I peek over the edge and laugh.

I crawl out of bed and skip down the hall. The smell of pancakes comes from the kitchen. I crack the door a little. The cook turns away from the plate of bacon.

I push the door open and run and grab a piece as I run. His shouts follow me. I smile and eat my prize. I open the door to the balcony. The wind blows through my hair.

The loud bell jarrs me from my state. I run to the dining hall. I had barely sat down when the cooks and servants walk in.

They set a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of me, with syrup smothered all over it. I start digging in while a separate plate of bacon is set beside me. My parent walk in.

My mother kisses my head as she walks by. She smiles, "Happy Birthday sweetie." I smile and continue eating.

~Time skip~

They aren't releasing the lanterns until midnight, because I'm turning twelve. I decide to go to bed for a little while. I wake what feels like a couple hours later.

I wonder why then a blood-curdling scream breaks the silence. I jump and yelp a little. Hunter is under the bed. I whisper to him, "Stay.

" I open the door silently then creep out into the dark hallway. My bare feet stick to the floor and make sticky noises. My parent's door is open and light is streaming out.

I peek around the corner into their room. I see a large person, shiloueted against the light, holding a knife. There is blood all over the floor. I give a small gasp.

The person whips their head around and starts toward me. I turn on my heel and sprint back to my room. I lock the door and push the dresser in front of it.

I then crawl under the bed, next to Hunter. I hear loud banging on the door and tears silently roll down my face. I jump every time the door bangs. I hear it start to break.

Then, all of a sudden it stops. I open my eyes. I wait for what feels like an hour. Then a voice says, "Princess? Are you in there?" It was Sebastian, my guard.

I fly out from under the bed and push the dresser away. Hunter even recognized his voice. I open the door quickly and stand there stunned. It is Sebastian, but he isn't there to save me...

Sebastian is held by the neck by the shadow that I saw in my parent's room. I see now that they're wearing a cloak. The figure pushes him to the ground and grabs me, roughly.

They pick me up and start to run. I look over my shoulder and see Hunter and Sebastian running after me. I reach for them, screaming. "Help!!"

~4 years later~

I sit on the floor. I have decided. I will get back home. Tonight, after he- my captor that is- is asleep. He is asleep now, but I'm waiting a little longer. I then pick up my sheet bag.

It has my meager belongings in it. I then slip into the main room. I slowly close the basement door, quietly. There is light slipping out from under his door, but I know his is asleep.

I creep over to the front door. I turn the knob, slowly, then open it. Unexpectedly, it squeaks really loud. I freeze. Nothing from his room.

I let out my breath then start to creep out of the door. Then all of a sudden, hands grab me from behind and lift me up. I yell. I thrash, punching and kicking air.

My fist connects with something above me, maybe a jaw, I don't know. I hear a groan and then I'm thrown into a room. I hear a bang and then the sound of something that sounds like a lock.

I curl up and will myself not to cry. In the silence that follows, I hear a strange noise. It sounds like a whimper. I pull myself to the window and peek between the bars.

Outside, crouched down is Hunter! And next to him, Sebastian. I give a small gasp in surprise. Hunter jumps up and starts circling.

Sebastian calms him down then stands, grabbing the bars, giving them a small tug. They're sturdy. I shake my head. It won't work. I point to the rest of the house and making a drinking motion.

He nods in understanding. I creep down and tip toe to the door. I crack it open and the man is sitting in front of the TV, his back to me. I crawl towards him, and hide behind the couch.

I reach under the couch to find the rock that I hid. It's large. I pick it up and hit him in the side of the head then run. I pull open the door and run around the side of the house.

Sebastian and Hunter join me running. I hear loud shouts and yells behind us. I pump my arms harder, going faster. We stop running to catch our breath. I manage to gasp out, "Thank... You....

" Sebastian just nods in response. I hear a loud rumble. A headlight catches my eye. I drop to the ground, pulling Sebastian down with me.

We close our mouths to quiet our breaths as a truck rolls by slowly. When it's gone, we stand and begin the long journey to the castle.

~Time Skip~

The moment I see the lights of my home, I run. Tears streaming down my face, I sprint as fast as I can. I run past the gate guards and people in the village shout in happiness.

I burst through the castle doors and callopse, tired. Sebastian jogs up behind me. We both smile and I hug him tight around his neck.

I smile as I close my eyes, tears still streaming down my cheeks.

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