Ouran Highschool Host Club (part 1)
Ouran Highschool Host Club (part 1) ouran highschool host club stories

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A request from a friend. Based off the anime; Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran Highschool Host Club (part 1)

A/N~ so this story was requested from a friend (I can't say names for privacy reasons) and if you haven't seen the anime, I strongly recommend you watch it. Don't be afraid to request a story!!

~Haruhi's POV~

I look up and sigh. It's been about a week since I broke the vase. I open the door to the third music room and rose petal fly out. "Welcome," they say in chorus.

I stand there with groceries in my hands. Hikaru drops his act and says bored, "Oh... It's-" Kaoru finishes for him, "Haruhi." Honi~Senpai skips up to me.

"Haru~Chan! Wanna eat cake with me and Oni~Sama?" I smile and respond, "Honi~Senpai, you know I don't like sweets...

" He smiles sweetly, "Oh ok!" He then rambles on about different types of sweets. Mori~Senpai comes in and carries him off. Tamaki then sweeps up. "Haruhi...

Mommy and Daddy are going out of town for a meeting.

Will you be alright?

" I roll my eyes and prepare to respond but Kyoya beats me to it, "Of course she'll be alright, her father gave her permission to stay with Mori and Honi at Hikaru and Kaoru' house.

" Tamaki then gets overprotective, "If those creeps even think about touching my little gir-" I cut him off by shoving the groceries in his hand, "I'm not your daughter, Senpai.

" I sit down at m table and wait for my customers.

~Time Skip~

I sigh in exhaustion as the last customer leaves. "Haruhi~" I tilt my head back. One of the twins is standing above me.

"What do you want Hikaru?" He pouts his bottom lip, "How do you always know it's me?" I smile, "Your eyes are slightly greener than Kaoru's. His are more blue.

" He grins, "You've been paying very close attention." I swallow then answer, "Well, you two play a lot of tricks on me." He sighs, "True..." Kaoru then walks up. "Hey Haruhi...

" They then start talking back and forth, "We heard..." "That you are..." "Staying the night..." "At our house..." Hikaru finishes, "With Mori and Honi." I nod, "Yes I am." Tamaki cries for me.

"What Senpai?" "Mommy and I are leaving now!" He then crushes me in a spine-breaking hug. "Mori~Senpai!" He turns and runs in three strides.

He grabs me under the arms, in the armpit, and lifts me with ease. Tamaki freezes and mumbles, "Not again..." Mori is looking in my eyes. I clear my throat and swing my legs a little.

He blinks rapidly, as if waking from a dream. He quickly sets me down and returns to Honi. I then walk to the door, "I'm going home to pack, and Senpai, don't follow me.

" The twins grin behin their hands. Tamaki freezes, "How? She had her back turned." I smiles as I walk out and let the door shut behind me.

A/N~ let me know if you enjoyed it, I'm open for more requests, also, let me know if I should continue this.

Don't worry! I'm working on Dream Do Come True! Well, see you in the next chapter I write! Buh~Bye! :3

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