Dreams Do Come True (part 2) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Pewdiepie x Reader
Dreams Do Come True (part 2) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Pewdiepie x Reader markiplier x reader stories
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You're sixteen and your dream has always been to meet your heros. Mark, Jack, and Felix. When you do, what will you do when they end up fighting over you? Who will you choose?

Dreams Do Come True (part 2) Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Pewdiepie x Reader

~Your POV~ (y/f/c/t)- your favorite cake type (y/f/s)- your favorite snack

You take a deep breath and open the envelope. You dump it's contents onto the table. There are six rectangular pieces of paper. You spread them out, face up. You pick two end ones up.

They're different from each other. They both have your name on it. You double check. Yep. There it is. (Y/f/n) (y/l/n). One is an airplane ticket and one is a ticket to...

PAX?! Oh my god! You're going to PAX. To the panel, convention, and signing?! You yell, "I'm going to PAX!!" But what are the other four papers? Two are plane tickets and two are PAX tickets.

You pick up the two PAX tickets and read the names. Lily Haught. Taylor Lewis. "You guys are coming?!" They laugh. You look at your mom. "Mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She smiles.

"Your flight leaves tomorrow at 8." You gasp. "I need to pack!" You run to your room to pack. Without thinking, you throw a bunch of normal clothes in your suitcase. You suddenly stop. "Wait...

I'm going to see my heros. I need to bring some of their merch." You take some clothes out. And pack shirts and hoodies. You then pack your plushees.

You put your computer and camera in its case then pack it. You put your toiletries all in a smaller bag and you include that in your suitcase.

You quickly zip it up then run to the front door and put it by Taylor's and Lily's. You then run to the kitchen and start packing (y/f/s).

You look at your mom then, "how long is the drive to the airport?" She counts in her head, "6 hours.

" You look at your watch, it's three in the afternoon! You're about to say something when you lights go out. You jump and give a gasp of surprise.

You look up and see that everyone is gathered around your cake. Your mom says with a smile on her face, "It's (y/f/c/t). Happy birthday, (y/n)." You sit and look at the candles.

You close your eyes and get your wish in mind. When you have it, you inhale deeply then exhale. All the candles go out at once.

Taylor says next to you, "Oh! That's good luck!" Lily is jumping from foot to foot, "Hurry up and cut it (y/n)! I want to taste it!" Your mom laughs then cuts the cake. Everyone digs in.

When they're finished, you gather the plates and way them, then put the rest of the cake in a Tupperware and include it in with your snacks. You then announce, "I'm going to bed now.

We have to be up at midnight." Taylor chokes on the milk she's drinking and Lily laughs. You walk down the hall, chuckling. You really are going to bed, but first you have to make a video.

You sit on your bed and use your phone to make a blog explaining everything. When you're finished, you lay down on top of the covers and fall asleep.

~Time Skip~

You half wake up to someone shaking you. You groan and roll over. Ice cold water then hits your face. You sit straight up and see Lily with a cup in her hands.

You yell at her, "What was that for?!" She jumps and exclaims, "It's time!!" You smile and fly out of bed, pushing her out of your room.

You then put on a Jack shirt with jeans and run out of your bedroom. Everyone is running around, getting ready. You brush your hair and put it in a braid then run to the kitchen.

You pour yourself a bowl of cereal and eat as your mom loads the bags into the car. You wash your dish then put on black high top converse. You look at Taylor then at Lily.

"Are we ready?" They yell at the same time, "Yes!!" We smile and walk out of door towards the car.

A/N~ hope you enjoyed! If you have any story requests, feel free to PM me and request them!

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